The primary religion of the Fremd, also appealing to other persecuted groups.

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The Cult does not offer a creation story, or a code of ethics. However, it does provide a wide pantheon for prayer. The Cult believes in Angels, ranging from Order to Neutral to Chaotic. These Angels can intercede in the lives of thier followers. Praying to multiple Angels is not uncommon, but practitioners generally stick within one of the three categories. Angels are said to be especially powerful within holy grottoes, and pilgrims flock to them.

Order AngelsEdit

Hamaliel, Angel of OrderEdit

Hamaliel is normally depicted as a blindfolded, winged Fremd carrying a longsword. The Sword of Hamaliel is one of the Cult's greatest relics. It is said to glow red around Daemons or Daimons. At best, he represents justice and safety. At worst, oppression and intolerance.

Neutral AngelsEdit

Cassiel, Angel of NeutralityEdit

Cassiel is normally depicted as a robed, winged Fromd carrying a heavy tome. At beast, he represents temperance. At worst, cowardice and apathy.

Chaotic AngelsEdit

Nisroc, Angel of ChaosEdit

Nisroc is normally depicted as a winged Fromd clad in black armour and weilding a flaming saber. At best, he represents courageous idealism. At worst, over-emotional short sightedness.