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Kut'Toofz Brigandz are a farily large and succsessful band of Freebooter Orks, led by their self styled "Loota King" Kapton Kut'Toof. The Brigandz have maruaded their way through the Segmentum Ultima for hundreds of years now ever since their Kapton split off from the Blackteef Tribe in M39. They have defeated Imperial Armies, Tau Septs, Chaos Warbands, and other Ork Tribes all in the name of loot and plunder. (and of course a good scrap!)

Kut'Toofz Brigandz are famed for their prdigious use of heavy weapons and explosives, courtsey of Kut'Toofz small army of Lootaz, Killa Kanz, and Deffdredz. The Brigandz seem to rely on shock and awe, using heavy weapons and explosives to blow their foes apart as quickly as possible so they can loot whatever remains. Also being of the Blackteef Tribe, Kapton Kut'Toof is a very cunning Ork and his Boyz are often armed to the teef with plazdakka.

Kut'Toofz Brigandz have a reputation as some of the best guns-for-hire in the whole segmentum and many noble families and even Imperial commanders have hired Kut'Toof and his band of misfits on more than one occassion. Thus Kut'Toof has grown ritch and powerful in this time of strife and war and it seems the Brigandz will continue to prosper so long as there is a need for wonton destruction and violence.


Kut'Toof was born on the Ork world of Stinkholl long after the Maasta had built his small but mighty empire. Kut'Toof fought as a Kommando for years before he was hired by a band of passing freebootaz, ensared by their romantic tales of loot and adventure. When the previous Kapton died fighting Eldar of Craftworld Kal'Lae'Eath, Kut'Toof took over rather easily, venting the other Nobz into space. (luring them to the airlock with promises of grog) After he took over he renamed the band Kut'Toofz Brigandz and they have been that way for almost three hundred years now.


The Brigandz prefer the use of heavy weapons in any and all situations, and have shown themslves skilled in the art of ambush. They also have large numbers of Deffdredz, Killa Kanz, and looted warbikes at their disposal as well as large numbers of Fighta-Bomaz and Deffkoptaz. But Kut'Toofz pide and joy is the vast stockpile of plazma weapons and dakagunz that his loyal Krew has amassed over the years.

Kut'Toofz Brigandz are known to be quite flexible in the relm of tatics, with their Kapton a master of impovisation and nothing short of a tatical genious as far as Orks go. (such as the time he realized that using snotz to clear a minfield was a better idea than using Boyz)


Kut'Toofz Brigands are the spitting image of the Freebooter ideal, grog swilling, foul mouthed, trigger happy scoundrles down to the lowest Snotling. They fight for fightings sake and the promise of various shiney gubbens and killy gear looted from their victems.