Vital statistics
Title Battlemage, Master Of Magic
Race Human
Age Around 1000 years
Gender Himself
Father Unknown(Long Deceased)
Mother Unknown(Long Deceased)
Status Alive
Born Unknown
Died N/a
Religion Unknown
Location Unknown

Nerseus is one of the few Battlemages, and currently the one with the most knowledge of Magics. He has lived in about a thousand years, and is the oldest human in existence. He is of the people of the West, wich inhabits the continent to the far west, wich noone but a few has ever visited. He speaks nearly all languages in the world, most notably Dragon Tounge, Eastern, Atric and Leprech. He has but aside battles, and is now a Storyteller in a small village south of Ixion. There he lives outside of the village together with his Dragon Longiyu