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"The hands of the East reach out across the Galaxy, soon my warriors will spill across the stars, and this 'God Emperor' will see the might of The Calipsian Hordes." -The Gene-King, lord and ruler of The Calipsian Hordes

The Clalipsian Hordes are a confederation of humans that managed to resist the Imperium's Great Crusade and has only recently emerged as a Galactic power. The territory of the Hordes spreads throughout the Calipsia Sub-Sector, on the very tip of the Sagittarius Arm. All those who dare enter those borders are soon besieged by the Gene-Kings infamous Feral Gene-Warrior Legions, and techno-barbarian armies.


The Dark Age of TechnologyEdit

During mankind's fall from grace, the Calipsia Sub-Sector was cut off by the same Warp Storms that left mankind's empire in tatters. Anarchy soon followed and much knowledge was lost forever, but one advanced technology remained forever defended due to the large numbers of scientists and geneticists that populated the Sub-Sector... Genetic engineering. Not soon after all forms of establishment had collapsed, rouge scientists with armies of Feral Gene-Warriors took their place. 

In many ways this saved the Calipsian population from further decline, as the scientists took over as warlords and tyrants and their armies of super-soldiers defended the archotech necessary for maintaining these armies and many other important technologies. (such as faster than light travel between the stars) And the Feral Gene-Warriors more or less kept the peace or at the very least ensured that any and all rebellions were brutally put down. Knowledge was also restricted to the scientists and their geneticists who maintained their armies. 

For millennia this was the Calipsia Sub-Sector, with various "Gene-Lords" fighting one another for technology and resources, but banning together to combat outside threats. This loosely united yet constantly feuding confederation would be the foundation for the Calipsian Hordes.

The Great CrusadeEdit

The Great Crusade came to the Calipsia Sub-Sector just ten Terran years before the Horus Heresy. Though the Gene-Lords Feral Legions were powerful forces, they were no match for the Space Marine Legions. (namely the Ultramarines who spearheaded the assault) The Imperium's forces slowly fought their way through the Calipsian Hordes, world to world, continent to continent, in some cases city to city. Though the Feral Gene-Warriors were no mach to the Space Marines one on one, their sheer numbers and archotech weapons ground the Crusade in the region to a near halt.

But defeat was inevitable, even as the remaining Gene-Lords united to defend themselves and their pitiful fiefdoms, the Imperial war machine ground onward, heedless of losses. In the end it would be the Horus Heresy that broke the Imperial forces. After the ill fated battle at Istvaan III, the Imperial forces assaulting the Gene-Lords were without reinforcements, and the united Feral Legions took this advantage.

The Imperial forces were drowned under a sea of techno-barbarians and Feral Leigons, and those few left alive were forced to flee the sector. Though the battle had been won and the Gene-Lords proclaimed victory, their armies were left crippled and severely depleted, leaving the door wide open for an ambitious Gene-Warrior. 

Rise of the Gene-KingEdit

At the height of the Imperiums assault on the Calipsia Sub-Sector, a young Gene-Warrior rose up and murdered the Gene-Lord that commanded his Legion. He quickly took control of his now dead masters meager kingdom. This Gene-Warrior had studied the forbidden knowledge of genetics and, with the aid of his former Lords geneticists (known as Gene-Techs), created Gene-Warriors that were superior to all of the other Feral Legions. (and found the secret to immortality)
File:Black Hand Gene-Warrior.jpg

These elite Gene-Warriors were known as the Black Hand, and by the time of the Emperor's internment on the Golden Throne, the Gene-Warrior, now known as the Gene-King had conquered the whole of the Calipsia Sub-Sector and had subjugated the Gene-Lords to his rule. Under the rule of their immortal King, The Calipsian Hordes were now a unified force, and few could stand before the might of the Feral Legions and the armies of Techno-Barbarians.

The Horde DominatesEdit

At the Gene-Kings behest, the various Gene-Lords sent their Feral Legions on massive raids across vast swaths of the Galactic East, searching for various technologies and populations of humans or valuable xenos in order to pay tribute to the Gene-King. None could stand before the might of the Feral Legions, that is until, a Feral Legion known as the Savages ran afoul with an Eldar Craftworld.

The Horde FaltersEdit

The Savages were nearly wiped out by the Eldars superior weapons and tactics, and returned beaten and bloodied to their Gene-Lord with tales of xenos with weapons thousands of millennia beyond their own. The Eldar then launched a campaign of devastation that crippled the Hordes, their eldritch sorcery and cunning far beyond what the Hordes had yet encountered in any foe. Following the final crushing blow delt by the Eldar on the world of Mundar, which saw to the extinction of the Skulls Feral Legion, the Gene-King decreed that the Hordes needed to build up their forces, perfect their Legions, and reformulate tactics which had been unchanged since the Great Crusades.

The BuildingEdit

The Building was a millennia long period of time in which The Calipsian Hordes built up their armies and advanced weapons technology to the point where it matched, and in some rare cases, surpassed modern Imperial technology. After this period of preparation was done, the Hordes once again spread out to raid, pillage, and conquer in the name of their King.

The 40th MillenniumEdit

The Calipsian Hordes have become a threat to all within the Galactic East, as their marauding armies are known to travel as far as West as the Maelstrom, though some particularly bold Feral Legions have been sighted within the Segmentum Solar. Though they are indeed a threat, the Imperium, Tau, and especially the Eldar see the Calipsian Hordes as no more than bands of savage and devolved humans, and the thought of them conquering these advanced civilizations is as foolish to these factions as the thought of the Orks uniting as a people. However, some within the Inquisition fear that these "Barbarian Hordes" may threaten the very fabric of the Imperium, as with each new and often successful raid, the Calipsian Hordes gain strength. Already attacks on the Realm of Ultramar and Tau Empire are increasing in ferocity and frequency and some believe it is only a matter of time before the collective might of the Calipsian Hordes spills across the stars.

Noteable IndividualsEdit

The Gene-KingEdit

"I am known by many names, The God King, The Lord of the East, Conqueror of Calipsia..but you.. you will only know me as Enemy." - The Gene-Kings broadcast to the Imperium

The Gene-King was once nothing more than a Feral Legionary, a finely crafted weapon of flesh and bone, but that all changed when he saw his chance during the Imperium's assault on the Calipsia Sub-Sector. He knew that the outer Hordes would be weakened by the wars while his masters Legions remained more or less untouched. He murdered his Gene-Lord indirectly, as he was conditioned for it to be impossible to directly harm him. He hired a band of mercenaries to murder the Gene-Lord in his bed, his "loyal" Gene-Warriors allowing the assassins to walk right through the doors of his meager palace.

With his former Lord now dealt with the Gene-King set about his studies, it is believed that he created the superior Black Hand and found the secret to immortality by researching Space Marine Gene-Seed. (as it was in ample supply, for every marine that fell in the Calipsia Sub-Sector there was a waiting Barbarian warrior who needed some extra coin...and the Gene-Lords payed any price for rare genetic materials) 

With his elite Legion the Gene-King dominated the weakened Gene-Lords, and with the surrender of the last rebel Gene-Lord, the Gene-King became the undisputed ruler of the whole of the Calipsia Sub-Sector and the commander of untold hundreds of Feral Legions. With his supreme power the Gene-King plots his next move, his raiding armies and Feral Legions collecting valuable resources, his Hordes growing larger and more powerful, soon he will lead the Calipsian Hordes to war against the weaklings of the Imperium, the foolish Eldar, and the cowardly Tau.

The Gene-King is believed by some within the Inquisition to be a Pariah, as various attempts at using psyker assassins (the only ones who have a remote chance of fighting their way through elite Black Hand honor guard) have failed miserably. And his cruel methods of executing those who dare disobey him are by far fitting of the description of a "soulless" man.

The Gene-King is a cold and methodical individual and by no means a benevolent ruler, but he has shown himself incorruptible and unwavering in his endeavor to lead the Hordes to victory everlasting. Some traitors within the Imperium believe him to be nothing less than the Emperor reborn, for he seems to mach the Emperor in tactical genius and physical might. In truth the Gene-King is little more than a very successful warlord, there was no supernatural hand in his rise to power, only his own calculating mind.

Korpe SoranoEdit

High General of the Gene-Kings Ten-Thousand Fists barbarian army, General Sorano is the Gene-Kings second in command and most trusted adviser. Korpe Sorano was the Gene-Kings mentor during his early years of life within the Feral Legions, and as such the two formed a bond of brotherhood that could only be forged in the heat of war. When the Gene-King rose against their Gene-Lord, Sorano ensured the loyalty of the Feral Legion that would become the Black Hand. And when the Gene-King discovered the secret to immortality, Sorano was the only one he shared it with. Thus Korpe Sorano has been at the Gene-Kings side since the beginning and has never failed his friend and King.

As a High General, Sorano has the power to commandeer any Barbarian forces he needs and as such his Ten-Thousand Fists are often seen supported by auxiliary hordes of Techno-Barbarian warriors and mercenaries.

Korpe Sorano is considered by many a mad man and murderer, but in truth the man simply loves his job. His raving speeches and rather humorous battle cries are capable of turning death into certain victory on the battlefield as the Ten-Thousand Fists believe him to be nothing less than the prophet of their god, The Gene-King. As such when he leads a charge the whole of his forces race forwards with him, heedless of danger, for they believe that they will be rewarded in the after life by their God King.

Brutus GannarEdit

"Surrender now, Admiral, and perhaps I can convince my men to kill you all quickly."-Brutus Gannar Champion of the Silver Veins, showing the greatest mercy a warrior of the Hordes will ever bestow upon servants of the Emperor

Brutus Gannar is the Champion of the Silver Veins. As such, is one of the most feared Feral Gene-Warriors of the Hordes.

He became the Champion of the Silver Veins after he led them to victory against a force of Lamenters Space Marines that had the misfortune to materialize out of a Warp Storm in the Calipsia Sub-Sector. Since then, the Silver Veins have been augmented with experimental Gene-Seed taken from the fallen Lamenters. 

He is a methodical commander, unlike Sorano who has a tendency to launch his full force directly at the enemy, and can dissect the enemies battle plans like a Gene-Tech augmenting a Feral Gene-Warrior. As such he is a master in naval battles and has become the bane of Imperial Admirals, and Eldar Craftworlds.

He, like all Silver Veins, has had many bionic additions added to his body during his time in the Calipsian Hordes, from a pair of slaved Calipsian Combat Drones that hover about his person, to a set of jump jets so he may fight in the void of space and get the drop on his foes. He also had two more arms added to his already imposing frame, these extra robotic limbs are usually armed with quad-linked Bludgeon Machine Guns and belt fed Rocket Rifles or if the situation requires, melee weapons. 

Dis BaranEdit

"Repent? No, I will never repent...I will never forgive.. I will see all of Terra burn for Lion'El Johnson's treachery and for my beloved Caliban!"- Dis Baran, commander of the Winged Wraiths Barbarian Army and Fallen Angel

Dis Baran was once a young Dark Angels Space Marine recruited at the very end of the Horus Heresy, he like so many other Dark Angels followed Luther to eternal damnation. Hunted for most of his life, forced to serve as a mercenary for both Xenos and Heretics alike to survive. When Dis found himself surrounded by Black Hand after a the Rouge Trader he was serving under was captured by Calipsian raiders, he welcomed death, but this was not to be.

Dis Baran saved his own life by pledging his loyalty to the Gene-King and in return he was allowed to become the commander of a group of mortal men. Soon he would fashion them into one of the most deadly Barbarian Armies in the whole of the Hordes. Now he serves as a deadly warrior of the Hordes, following the Gene-King in the hopes of avenging his fellow Fallen and to exact his personal vengance on the Dark Angels and the Imperium.

Dis is a dark and vengeful being, being driven by hate and only hate. His obsession with revenge has seen him and his army take on the Dark Angels and their Unforgiven whenever possible and often they are supported by the Gene-Kings personal Feral Legion, the Black Hand.

Mia Feng Lady of the FangsEdit

"The Tau are evacuating civilians? Unacceptable, tell my darlings that the aliens must stay on this world as long possible, so that the game of war can reach a more...dramatic climax." - Mia Feng commanding her Fangs Legionaries with her usual humanitarian concerns

Mia Feng (also known as the Daemon Lady and the Bladed Mistress) is the current Gene-Lord of the infamous Fangs Feral Legion. As such she holds great power and influence within the Calipsian Hordes and no less than twelve star systems fall under her Legions banner, making her one of the most powerful Gene-Lords in existence. Mia's rise to power began with the eventful demise of her entire family, presumably at the hands of assassins hired by the Gene-Lord of the White Blades. Mia Feng became the ruler of billions of people and of one of the most feared Feral Legions at the age of 15, but in spite of her age she was already well versed in military tactics as well as the often dirty and byzantine politics of rhe Hordes. She led the Fangs to a golden era and by the end of the 40th Millennium her Legion had become not only one of the most wealthy but the only one trusted to create Gene-Warriors for the Gene-Kings personal bodyguard.

Mia Feng is a very enigmatic individual but what little can be gleaned about her personality is disturbing to say the least. She is supposedly manic and sadistic in the extreme, yet crafty and shrewd enough to have kept herself alive for hundreds of years. Rumors about her are many and speculation runs rampant, from her being a Saleeneshii Cultist to her being the secret lover of the Gene-King himself. When she dose make a public appearance, she is always garbed in flowing crimson robes and hood that, while betraying her womanly figure, conceal her face, save for her maw of razor sharp, inch long fangs and glowing green eyes, both of which are "enhancements" she made herself. She is also believed to have had a pair of wrist blades, the signature weapon of her Legion, implanted in to her arms as well as other genetic enhancements.

Mia Feng has shown herself to be a flawless commander and deadly adversary to all who dare stand in her way and the way of the Hordes, many attempts on her life have been made by Imperial assassins of all Clades but only one managed to make it past her Fangs, and that assassins skull now acts as the Daemon Lady's favored chalice.

Nav'ak the InvincableEdit

"You know nothing of strength."- Nav'ak to Gorn Wolfborn, of the Thunder Wolf Calvary, Iron Wolves Great Company

Nav'ak is a famous Venom Warriors Legionary, and is in many ways the undisputed leader if the Venom Warriors in the heat of battle. He was one of the lucky few to be granted near immortality by the combat drugs that constantly flow through his body, he also possesses a genius level intellect that has showed itself when he successfully defeated the Ultramarines at the Battle of Katan and the Space Wolves at the Immolation of Tenthis.

Nav'ak earned his title "The Invincible" after defeating a Space Wolf of the Thunder Wolf Calvary in single combat, it is said that he killed the Space Wolf's mount with his bare hands, breaking the beasts neck after wrestling it to the ground. It is then said that he battled the Space Wolf with his bare hands and in the end lifted the marine over his head, and broke his spine on his knee, and then ripped the Space Wolves right arm off and flogged him to death with it. Other tales state that, rather than beating him with his own arm, he left the Space Wolf alive, to shame the weakling. Still others say that rather than kill the Space Wolf personally, he let his pack of Calipsain War Hounds tear the Space Marine apart in a flurry of screams and carnage. Whatever the fate of the Space Wolf, it is certain that he cut off the Space Marines nose as a trophy, and the tale earned Nav'ak high favor with his Gene-Lord, and some say the Gene-King himself. (As proof of the duel, Nav'ak has the Space Marines arm in a stasis display case as a grizzly trophy. And wears the Space Wolves nose as a lucky talisman, on the same chain as his dog tags)

Nav'ak is well known for his calm, almost meditative behavior, but equally well known as a cold blooded killer. His greatest claim to fame, aside from his victory over the Space Wolf, is his "hobby" of breeding Calipsian War Hounds. His Hounds are said to be of superior stock than most, as they are faster, stronger, and smarter than your average Calipsian War Hound. (it is rumored that he has cross bred them with Ferisan Wolves) He always has a personal pack that act as his bodyguard and will kill at their masters beck and call without hesitation.

Akamal the ShifterEdit

Akamal the Shifter is a famous Legionnaire of the Flesh Phantoms Feral Legion. Long ago in the 14th Calipsian Expansion, Akamal was captured by Dark Eldar and sold to a Wych Cult as a gladiator, at first the Gene-Warrior did not seem like much but soon the creature showed itself to be an undefeatable combatant. Every attack it countered, every tactic it learned, and as it drank deep of Dark Eldar blood it soon became intelligent with the ancient knowledge of some of the finest Wyches the cult could throw at it. In the end the Shifter would escape its captivity and is said to haunt the Dark City to this very day, having defeated the Overchange and madness by feeding off of the Dark Eldar and other foul beings that inhabit Commraogh. 

Torak Kaan the FirebornEdit

"You suka like die? Come then, try me!"- Torak Kaan challenging a Terminator of the Black Legion

Torak Kaan, also known as the "Fireborn" amongst his comrades in the Flayed Souls Legion, is one of the most deadly and mentally unstable warriors the Hordes have ever brought forth. Bathed in bloodlust, and armed with his fury he has cut down hundreds of Chaos Marines that have attempted to invade the Calipsia Sub-Sector. He was so effective in his role that his Gene-Lord spent years perfecting this Gene-Warrior until his genes stabilized, although now it is unknown if he will live twenty more years, or even two hundred more years. All that is certain is that this formidable warrior has killed some of the greatest fighters the Forces of Chaos have to offer in single combat time and time again.

He, like most Flayed Souls, is mentally unbalanced and prone to unpredictable acts. He may charge at his enemy with berserker fury, or sneak behind them and twist their head from their body. It is this unpredictability that is both his strength and his weakness, as no foe who faces him knows quite what he will do next and his inability to maintain composure can lead to his defeat. He has been known to delve into episodes of pure bloodlust and pyromania. Overall, Torak Kaan is the most experienced warriors in all of the Calipsian Hordes when it comes to combating the minions of the Dark Gods and as such has become a leader of the Flayed Souls Feral Legion.

Balthazar Kernis, Disgraced Lord of the Dark MawsEdit

Balthazar Kernis was once the Lord of the Dark Maws Feral Legion, but after he failed to lead his forces to victory against the Thunder Lances "Great Brother" he chose self imposed exile over execution. He took with him at least 300 Dark Maws Legionaries, a fraction of the Legion but none the less a deadly force indeed. They are now known as the Iron Pack, and under Balthazars command they have become his loyal bodyguard and private army of assassins.

Balthazar is a cunning and vicious man, seizing any importunity he can in order to gain power and influence. And while he is not a particularly brilliant commander, his knowledge of genetics, though not remarkable by Calipsian standards, far outmatches any scientist or scholar of the Imperium or Forces of Chaos. He is also a coward and will do anything if it means he may keep his wretched life for another day.

Currently Balthazar is a high ranking member of the Brotherhood of the Dajakk, whom he worked with in order to arrange the attempt on the Gene-Kings life during the Calipsian Crusades. He is an indispensable member as his knowledge of genetics is key to the success of the Brotherhoods ultimate goal. However, this opportunist and manipulator is not to be trusted, and should he feel his life is at risk, he would not hessitate to sell the Brotherhood out to save his own skin.


"These Imperials continue to annoy me... Sorano... ready Rumbler, let us show them the true face of power."- The Gene-King prior to unleashing his personal Colossus upon Imperial forces during the 3rd Calipsian Expansion

While not necessarily a person, this unique Colossus bears mentioning, as it is the largest and most ferocious member of its kind ever encountered by Imperial forces. Rumbler is the Gene-Kings personal Colossus, a massive beast genetically engineered for the sole purpose of waging war. These creature is sauropod in appearance, not too dissimilar to the dinosaurs of ancient Terra. (namely Tyrannsauris Rex)

It is truly a massive beast, equal in size to a Reaver Class Titan, and armed with a vast and devastating arsenal of massive Battle Cannons and missile batteries, and two titan sized assault cannons mounted onto its arms. It also has its innate strength, teeth, and claws all of which can topple buildings and level armies.

The Gene-LordsEdit

The Gene-Lords were once the rulers of the Calipsia Sub-Sector, powerful individuals with armies of Gene-Warriors at their beck and call. Now they are little more than squabbling generals and nobles, obeying the Gene-Kings laws while still waging secret wars of sabotage and subterfuge against one another in an endless battle for influence and scraps of power. This bickering is allowed by the Gene-King, as it ensures that only the best Gene-Lords rise to prominence to command the Feral Legions.

Gene-Lords in the 40th millennium may not be nearly as free as they once were, but they are still powerful indviduals, each commanding his personal army of Gene-Warriors and Barbarian warriors. (albeit with the Gene-Kings blessing) As long as a Gene-Lord pays his tribute to the Gene-King in Gene-Warriors and technology, he is more or less free to lead his armies as he sees fit against the other empires of the Galaxy.

Some Gene-Lords can live for centuries, kept alive by various augments and surgeries. But for the most part few live to see their 100th year, often killed by a rival Gene-Lord or an ambitious Gene-Tech. Thankfully the Gene-Lords knowledge is rarely wasted, as no sane usurper would dare risk the loss of such knowledge and as such most Gene-Lords have their brains stored or sifted though by their "successors" before they are disposed of.

Gene-Lords must be both brilliant scientists and generals, not to mention savvy in the arts of underground politics. Thus Gene-Lords are usually iron-fisted dictators and ruthless commanders, caring only for his own status and power and the power of the Hordes. (for should the Gene-King fall, there will be nothing to stop the outer threats of the Galaxy from stealing what little power the Gene-Lords have left) They usually maintain control over the people of their fiefdoms through fear or propaganda, some simply keep the population well informed of the fact that without the Gene-Lords armies of Gene-Techs most forms of medical care would devolve to Ork standards. This control of medical supplies also includes various drugs and other such vices, which are often used to buy the loyalty of various mercenary armies. 


The Culture of the Hordes is vast and varies from world to world much like the Imperium. However, in the Calipsian Hordes, most cultures are primitive and warlike, having been shaped by the early years of war and conquest between the squabbling Gene-Lords before the Gene-Kings rise to power. Cultures are also subject to the local Gene-Lords will and as such some regimes oppress the society they rule while others enforce it. 

In general, the people of the Calipsian Hordes are more educated than the Imperium's average citizens due to vast amounts technological knowledge open to the public. Certain pieces of knowledge jealously guarded by the Mechanicus in the Imperium is general knowledge within the Calipsia Sub-Sector. But one science is above all and known only to the Gene-King, the Gene-Lords, and their loyal armies of Gene-Techs, genetic engineering. For with this knowledge in hand, the Gene-Lords and later the Gene-King created armies of nigh unstoppable warriors.

Any person caught harboring or selling genetic secrets will be hunted down by the Black Hand and the knowledge forcefully pulled from their minds before they are executed or turned into a servitor.


Though religon, like culture, varies within the Horde, the most common faiths ethier worship the Gene-King as a living god, or worship of various war-like deities. Khornate cults are also common but few progress far, as Khornate cultists are rooted out by the Black Hand or local Gene-Lords and forced into service as Feral Legionaries or Barbarian warriors. Those few Khornate cults that escape detection, get sucked into the large gladiator arenas and the lifestyle of violence these areas indulge in.

Other forms of Chaos worship are outlawed, and this decree is upheld by the Black Hand. Since the Calipsia Sub-Sector is a much smaller area than the Imperium or other empires, the Black Hands can enforce these laws with ease. Those caught worshiping The Prince of Pleasure, Tenzeech, or Nurgle are immediately executed, banished, or transformed into mindless cyborgs.

Over a quarter of the population of the Calipsian Hordes is confirmed as atheist, this population makes up most of the Gene-Lords and their Gene-Techs. Though they accept the existence of Daemons and Chaos Gods, they believe these "phenomena" can be explained through science.



The Calipsian Hordes are usually viewed by the Imperium as heathen savages, and are compared to Orks in terms of tactical aptitude and technological advancement. In truth the average technological advancement within the Hordes is on par with the Imperium. Weapons such as Bolters and Lasguns are common place, granted in much cruder forms. These weapons include:
File:Calipsian Barbarian.jpg

Thunder Bolter- A favored weapon among the Feral Legionaries, the Thunder Bolt Rifle is not nearly as well crafted or as accurate as the standard Godwyn-Pattern Bolter. It is, however,a powerful weapon and usually has various attachments such as laser sights and under barreled grenade launchers. It also tends to have a deeper clip and a far faster rate of fire. As such it makes up for its lack of finesse with sheer versatility and brute force.

Lightning Bolt Machine-Pistol- A powerful sidearm, the Lightning Machine-Pistol is a deadly bolt pistol displaying both stopping power and deep clip. Although it lacks accuracy, it is still a favored sidearm of the Feral Legions and high ranking "officers" of the Barbarian armies.

Storm Laz- While not as accruate as standard Imperial Lasguns the Storm Laz makes up for this in the sheer voulume of fire and deep clip. As such it is a formidable weapon and a squad of Barbarian warriors armed with these weapons is a force to be reckoned with. It is the most common weapon found in the hands of the Calipsian Hordes Techno-Barbarian armies.

F-Tech Shotgun- The F-Tech Shotgun is a powerful and versitile if not simple weapon.The F-Tech gets its name for the chemical that lines each slug or coud of shot fired by this weapon. F-Tech is a chemical agent that causes horrific burning and scarring to the flesh of the target shot with this weapon. This is due to the weapons intial purpose as a self-defence weapon, but on the feild of battle it makes most wounds inflicted by this weapon all but untreatable and even if the victem survives his wounds the debilitating pain and scarring will be with them for the rest of their life. The F-Tech Shotgun is only ment for "soft" targets such as lightly armored infantry and is completly usless against heavily armored opponents.

Rocket Rifle- Basicly a scaled up bolter, this heavy weapon fires massive HE rockets that can decimate armor and lay waist to infantry platoons. It is an accurate and, although cumbersome, one man can carry at least six four-round clips of ammuniton and fire this weapon effectively. However, its size, weight and light clip makes the user a sizeable target and thus it is unwise to man this weapon without support. It is an easy weapon to manufacture and is seen throughout the Feral Legions and Barbarian armies.

The Bludgeon Light Machine Gun- Found in the hands of support soilders, this "Light" machine gun is anything but, it is known as "The Beast" amongst the Barbarian armies for good reason. This weapon fires high calaber slugs capable of ripping armored vehciles apart and at an impressive rate of fire. This weapon also has considerable range and a well positioned Feral Legeionary or Barbarian warrior can turn a whole vector into a killing zone. However, this weapon is extremely heavy and only Feral Legionaries can hold this weapon (sometimes one-handed) without beind overencombered, and the time it takes to realod this weapon is usually the users death sentance in the heat of battle.

Scorn SMG- The Scorn SMG is known by many names, "The Tenderizer", "Closed Casket", "Lead Shower", and of course, "The Bitch". These names are rightly given for few weapons are so vicious as the Scorn, with a psycotic rate of fire and a very deep clip, this weapon can effectivly rip flesh from bone with the sheer voulme of fire it sprays at the foe. Though this weapon is normally usless out of close range (and is rarely built with sights, instead a laser pointer usually suffices) if used in a mass firing line the Scorn SMG can lay down a wall of projectiles few will dare to brave. This weapon is made all the more deadly as armor pearcing rounds are almost 'standard issue', meaning that even mighty Space Marines must be wary of Barbarian warriors and Feral Leigonaires weilding this weapon. The Scorn SMG is often seen as a side arm within the Hordes.

Sure-Shot Rifles- The Sure-Shot auto-rifle fires self guiding rounds at the enemy. These, 'smart rounds' are capable of making an nearly 90 degree turn in order to hit the enemy. The Sure-Shot is usually used as a semi-automatic mid to long range weapon but on ocassion assault variants have been seen, sporting bayonets and fully automatic fire. Though accurate, the Sure-Shot lacks stopping power and is usless against well armored targets, as such explosive rounds are ususally used to compensaite. Due to the inherent difficulties in manufactering this weapon and its trademark ammunition, it is an uncommon weapon, but still it is a favored weapon amongst elite Techno-Barbarian armies of the Calipsian Hordes as it takes little to no weapons training to use effectivly and is rather easy to maintain.

Punisher Grenade Launcher- A favored primary weapon amongst Barbarian Warriors and a highly prized sidearm amongst Feral Legionaries, the Punisher Grenade Launcher is a versitle and deadly weapon. Many different types of grenade can be loaded into the Punisher, from smoke and acid gas, to incindiary and high expolsives. Punishers can also be fitted with massive bolter rounds that fire straight rather than at an arc. Thus the Punisher is a heavy weapon that can strike at any target effectively, be it a Space Marine, Ork, or main battle tank. The Punisher also bears a 15 round drum, to compensaite for its sub-par accuracy. A commen and time honored Calipsian tatic is to garrison a group of fighters with these weapons at a high position and rain a hail of death and destruction upon the foe.

Bloodmist Assault Cannon- The Bloodmist Assault Cannon functions in a identical fashion to its Imperial counterparts save for one critical aspect, it is designed to be held and fired by rank and file Gene-Warriors. Its design is an echo of older gatling-style firearms, with multipule exposed barrles and aimed and fired from the hip. Though this makes it far less accurate, the bloody hail of projectiles is more than enough to liquify any soft targets in the area and can eat away at armored vehicles given time.

Deathhail Assault Cannon- Identical to the Bloodmist save for one aspect, larger barrles that fire shot as opposed to slugs. This makes it ideal for light infantry targets and at close range even fully armored Space Marines should take heed.

Ripfire Assault Cannon- Held and fired from the hip like the Bloodmist and Deathhail, but bearing a single barrle and higher calber slugs. The Ripfire is ment for anti-armor and anti-heavy infantry use but the effects on light infantry is none the less grusome. Its fire rate is also much slower than its multi-barrled counterparts.

Calipsian Chainfist- The Calipsian Chainfist is identical to the Imperial Chainfist in function, however the design often has the chainsaw blades running across the users knuckles. This design has been seen to make up for its lack of range with the added impact of being struck with the fist itself, making it just as deadly as its Imperial counterpart.

Calipsian Pattern War Sheild- The Calipsian War Sheild is a particular sheild often found in the hands of Feral Legionaries. Though the sheilds come in various forms and designs the overall consept is the same. Most are very heavy, and thus cannot be weilded by Barbaian warriors without extensive agumentations. The most famous variant is found in the armories of the White Blades Feral Legion who have massive War Sheilds that are made of pure, platesteel with an adamantium coating, these War Sheilds can only be penitrated by Lascannons or Tank Battle Cannons and make the user completly invulnerable to small arms fire. In hand to hand combat Calipsian War Sheilds can be used as deadly blunt weapons, often crushing bone with a wave of the hand or a simple charge.

Calipsian Power Weapons- Calipsian Power Weapons are often primitve looking affairs, but are none the less just as deadly as their Imperial counterparts. Calispian Power weapons often take the shape of large, twohanded weapons, as is fitting with the standard Calipsian tatic of overwhelming force. Power Mauls and Power Hammers are quite common, as are Brodswords and Battle Axes. However, some Feral Legionaries and Barbarian Warriors will opt for a Power Knife instead, favoring speed over sheer agression. (though some Gene-Warriors can often hold large Power Weapons one handed with no decrese in control of killing power)

Calipsian Chain Weapons- Identical in most respects to Imperial Chain Weapons, Chain Weapons of Calipsian make are often larger and more brutish in their design and function, some even running on fossil fules. 

Plasma Weapons- Calipsian Plasma Weapons are often found in the hands of Feral Legionaries (namely the White Blades) and are simmilar to their Imperial counterparts. Each is a relic in its own right, and can malfunction spectacularly if givien the chance.

Bio-Symbiotes- Bio-Symbiotes are the result of various experements with Tyranid biology. These various biological augmentations can be used as weapons. (much like the Tryanid weapons symbiotes they origoated from) These exotic weapons are usually found on Gene-Lords and Gene-Techs as self defence weapons, but Feral Legionaries and high ranking Barbarian warriors have been seen with larger and more battle ready bio-symbiotes.

Calipsian War Hounds- Though not directly a weapon, these vicous beasts are a common sight within the Hordes armies. These dogs were all geneticly enginered to hunt down and kill the enemy. Most are large, some nearly the size of a Terran Horse, (these large specimens are often used by high ranking Barbarian warriors and Feral Legionaries as war mounts) and extremely durable, known to take autogun slugs to the bare skull and not even slowing down. Some even boast bionics, such as built in servo turrets and jump jets, and most also bear basic flack armor. They are powerful beasts and can rip a man apart in bare seconds, some even say they are more deadly than a Ferisian Wolf. (however these beasts are not particularly cunning, though they do work well in a pack to bring down larger prey or lay waste to a group of foes)

Calipsian Combat Drones- These semi-sentiant war machines usually come in the form of areial support dones armed with Bludgeon Light machines guns, but Calipsian War Dones come in various forms, from scuttling insectoid models, to dreadnaught sized war machines.

Calipsian Power ArmorEdit

Power Armor is a rather rare comidity within the Calipsian Hordes, while most civilized worlds within the Hordes know how to manufacture Power Armor, most lack the raw materials and the skill to make anything more than crude exo-skeletons that, while effective, pale in comparison to Imperial Power Armor. Thus only the best Power Armor is found within the Feral Legions, particularly those with wealthy or inffluental Gene-Lords. Even then, depending on the Legions tatics and genetic makeup, Power Armor may be uneccary or ill fitting with the Legions tatics.

Though most Calipsian Power Armor is "Custom made" a few standardized patterns have been noted by Imperial forces:

Nemesis Pattern Edit

The Nemesis Pattern Power Armor is found only in the Black Hand Feral Legion and is by far the finest example of Calipsian craftsmanship. This armor has very thick adamantium plating and it is noteably more durable than standard Space Marine power armor, however it is also more bulky and cumbersome. In spite of this Nemesis Pattern Power Armor allows the Black Hand to take on Space Marines on even footing and makes them impervious to all forms of small arms fire. Nemesis Power Armor boasts very robust internal and external components and is much easier to repair and replace than Space Marine Power Armor, however, Nemesis Power Armor also lacks the manuverability and sheer dextarity that Space Marine Power Armor exibits. The elctro-fiber "muscles" are also more potent, giving the user great strength in hand to hand combat, however at the cost of fine motor function.

Onslaught PatternEdit

The Onslaught Pattern Power Armor is one of the most feared models of Calipsian Power Armor and the rarest. Found only in the wargear of Elite Black Hand Legionaries, known as the "Death Fist", it seems to be an attempt by Calipsian forces to create Power Armor that can rival the Imperial Tatical Dreadnaught or "Terminator" Armor. The Onslaught Pattern Power Armor is a hulking monstrosity, nearly half the hight of a Space Marine Dreadnaught and almost half as wide. It often comes armed with a deadly arsenal of built in weapons, each mounted on weapon racks that can "swap out" loadouts in mid combat.

This means that a single Gene-Warrior can have Heavy Flamers, Missle Launchers, Meltas, Assault Cannons, and even Mortar Batteries at his disposial. It also comes equiped with the uniqe Onslaught Gauntlet, which is a Power Fist with a par of retractable knuckle mounted blades simmilar to those found on a Lightining Claw. (although some Onslaught Warriors have been noted to use Calipsian Chainfists and power claws simmilar to the Ork Powa Klaw in design) As if this considerable arsenal of arm and shoulder mounted weapons wasent enough, the users hands remain free to carry whatever weapon he so chooses and, thanks to the greatly enhanced strength the Onslaught Power Armor provides, the user is not limited by the weight of his weapons.

Onslaught Power Armor is heavily armored and can take punishment that often seems quite above the sum of its parts. The robust nature of this armor allows it to be damaged to lengths that Terminator Armor could not be salvaged from, and still reatain most of its capacity to function. In spite of this this armor is not easily made, as its components are very difficult to manufacture properly.

In spite of all these advantages, Onslaught Power Armor is famous for its lack of manuverabilty and overall clumsyness, a Space Marine Terminator is a graceful combatant by compairasen. The Onslaught Power Armors small reactor is also highly unstable and one good shot at the core on the backpack can cause the suit to explode with the force of a small nuclear bomb. 

Assailant PatternEdit

 The Assailant Pattern Power Armor is exclusively found within the armories of the White Blades Feral Legion. It is simmilar to MkII "Crusaider" Power Armor in design and MkI "Thunder" Armor in its internal components. The upper body of the armor is powered while the legs are not, the armor is also extremely topheavy and the user is rather unbalanced. In spite of this the Assailant Pattern is extremely durable and boasts several layers of platesteel and adamantium, making it cabable of suviving a direct hit with a Thunder Hammer or Power Maul. The users already potent upper body strength is also taken to new hights and this allows the White Blades to carry massive power weapons one handed, and bear down on the foe with overwhelming force. Assailant Pattern Power Armor often comes with a built in War Sheild on the right or left arm, which is actually made up of at least five plates, four of which are retracted into the fith "body plate" when not in use. This allows the user to deploy the sheild at its maximum size for seigeing entrenched foes, but allow the user greater mobility in hand to hand combat with the plates retracted.

Crow PatternEdit

Crow Pattern Power Armor is very simmilar to MkVI or "Corvus Armor" in design, bearing a conical beak-like helmet and other simmilar features of the design. This is due to the Great Crusaide which burned the design of Corvus Armor and its effectiveness into the minds of the inhabitents of the Calipsia Sub-Sector for all time. 

Crow Pattern is some of the best Calipsian Power Armor in terms of sheer versistility, being heavy enough to protect the user from any and all small arms fire, but light enough to allow the user to fight in almost any terrain and preform stealth missions. However, it is often made from substandard materials and thus inferior when compaired to standard Space Marine power armor, it also lacks much of the bulk of Space Marine power armor and while offering less protection, makes the user much more manuverable.

Vulture PatternEdit

The Vulture Pattern Power Armor is found in sparse numbers in the Fangs, Dark Maws, and Venom Warriors and often seen within the Grey Geists, Steel Jackals, and Bones Feral Legions. Often consisting of a harness, helmet and greives for the users arms and legs, this power armor is the standard assault variant for the Feral Legions. The Vulture Pattern always has a pair of "Thrusters" that give the user the abillity to perform jump assaults but on more human sized Feral Legionaires, the thrusters can be used for sustained flight. The Vulture Pattern is lightly armored and its thruster is notioriously violitile, a well placed shot could turn the Gene-Warrior using the Power Armor into a screaming fireball in the space of a second. In spite of this, the armors various dendrites that connect the plates of the armor augment the users strength and reaction time considerably and the helmet is often equiped with advanced optics, making this armor ideal for snipers and ambushes. 

Painkiller PatternEdit

The Painkiller Pattern Power armor is exclusive to the Venom Warriors Feral Legion and is only given to elite warriors who have proven themselves worthy, a difficult feat conidering the short lifespan of Venom Warriors. Painkiller Pattern Power Armor mostly consists of a helmet and a harness or brestplate and a few dendrites linked directly to the users musclerature. This light armor greatly increseses the users strength and speed as well as creating a larger resivore for the various combat drugs that flow through the Venom Warrior's system. Thus they can inject much larger quantites of the syrums into their bodies makeing them much more durable and agressive than their less advanced comrades. But the most advanced part of the armor is the helmet, here, a small syrnge is placed into the areas of the brain that precive pain and affect how the Venom Warrior responds to outside stimuli.

The result is often that the Venom Warrior gets a direct injection to the brainstem every time his body detects pain or fear, making him highly resistant to pain and wounding not to mention completly fearless, in fact he is more likely to seek out more powerful foes in order to increse the amount of combat drug relesed into his system. This can leave the Venom Warrior completly numb to pain and any other sensory data. It can also lead to a rapid decay of the areas of the brain that control self perservation and empathy. By the time these juggernauts die on the battle feild they have become unfeeling monsters, killing simply because they can, with no after thought or emotion to the results of their actions. 

Golem PatternEdit

Golem Pattern Power Armor is extremely rare and powerful Power Armor and to date only sixty complete suits of this power armor have ever been encountered, each in the hands of the Shadow Champions Feral Legion, and rivals all other models of Calipsian make. These hulking constructs are believed to have been based off designs from an STC for riot armor for humanities peacekeeping body of the Dark Age of Technology. It is more akin to Tau Battlesuits than true Power Armor, easily dwarfing Space Marines and its Calipsian counterparts, and is geared exclusivly for close quarters combat. 

Once inside the armor the user becomes a juggernaught of adamantium and platesteel, crushing all who dare come within range with its massive, guantleted fists and trampling small vehicles underfoot. The Calipsians have yet to intigrate ranged weapons into the suits frame and its large, mitten like hands are not suited for the use of anything save crushing hapless foes and throwing chuncks of debris. It is belived that the suits obviously potent power source is strained just keeping the hulking tank functioning and that the added software and wetware needed for ranged weapons would simply overtax the system beyond its limits. Its body bears a simmilar design with Tartaros Pattern Terminator armor, albeit more rounded and much larger.

The armor shows remarkable endurance, having armor many feet thick and capable of taking direct hits from main battle tanks. However, its massive size and lumbering gate make it an obvious cantidate for massed weapons fire and though extremely robust Golem Pattern Power Armor is not indstructable.


The Hordes method of faster than light travel, though unknown to the Imperium and other races, is completly independant from the Warp, however, the FTL drives on Calipsian ships can only make short jumps, much like the Tau, if the Calipsian ship overextends its "jump" the FTL drive can overload and detonate with enough force to evaporate the ship its apart of and the drive itself is prone to shorting out, stopping the ship dead until it can be repaired. These hazards aside, by stringing quick jumps together, Calipsian ships can outpace Imperial ships by months or even years.

Although A.I. is as despised within the Hordes with equal fervor as within the Imperium, The Calipsian Hordes make use of advanced robotics. Bonic limbs and semi sentiant robots are commonplace within the Hordes borders, although Calipsian bionics they are usually less advanced or precise as Imperial bionics.

The greatest strength of the Calipsian Hordes however, is the art of genetic engineering. They are far beyond the Imperium with their knowledge of genetics and this is seen in all things the Hordes have to offer, from their Feral Legions, to their advanced medical technology. Not even the best Magi in the Imperium can even hope to match the raw skill the Gene-Lords show in crafting weapons of flesh and bone. 

In general the weapons, armor, and ship design of a Calipsain Raiding Army varies greatly depending on the Gene-Lord. (Only the Gene-Kings personal armies are armed with a "standard" loadout and consistent gear) And even the Feral Legions themselves are far from consistant, wargear can vary from squad to squad in some cases. But none the less these "Barbarian Hordes" are a force to be reckoned with and any commander who thinks them poorly armed or incompetent is in for a rude awakening.

Calipsian War-FleetsEdit

Calipsian War-Fleets are usually considered by most to be no more dangerous than Ork Pirate Fleets. (though that comparison is little comfort to the various trading vessels throughout the Galatic East) In reality, Calipsian War-Fleets are a force that can, with sufficient numbers, take on an Imperial Fleet on more than even ground.
File:Ulysses spaceship by m wojtala-d3i6g5i.jpg

Calipsian FTL drives function in a way simmilar to the Taus. Most Calipsian ships use a mix of potent solid or liquid fuel rockets (mostly for maneuvering close enough to board enemy ships or docking with space stations) and Nuclear Pulse Propulsion.  Nuclear Pulse is used primarily to close in on targets, evade quickly, or to close in on a planet. As such Calipsian ships are famed for speed and maneuverability, and the sporadic rate at which they move makes them difficult targets to track. The charges for the Nuclear Pulses are also used occasionally as improvised weapons, a famous Calipsian maneuver is to close in with the enemy ships and simply lay out massive numbers of charges all around them (though this is a risky maneuver, as it expends precious fuel) and are also usually used to booby trap ships after they have been plundered.

Calipsian ships also make use of various stealth technologies, most make the Calipsain vessels undetectable by even the most advanced instruments, and most Calipsian vessels come armed with powerful Vox jammers and a small crew of psykers (known as Gags) that specialize in blocking telepathic signals. This makes Calipsian vessels some of the most dreaded warships the galaxy over.

Calipsian vessels are usually small and lightly armored (though the hull is considerably thicker towards the rear and prow of the ship) but they can be armed with an arsenal potent as a ship three times its size. Calipsian ships make use of various armaments from ship sized Lascannons, massive "Slug Thrower" auto-cannons, to nuclear torpedo and missle batteries. This formdiable aresnal makes Calipsian ships a force to be reconed with and even the smallest warship usually has a large fleet of deadly "Loucst-Class" fighter-bombers.


The Calipsian Hordes have shown a preference and reliance on infantry forces in any conflict thus far and as such most Calipsian forces have a neglable motor pool. That being said however, the Hordes still posses formidable war machines.

The Howler APCEdit

The Howler vehicle chassis is comparable to the Imperial Rhino in many respects, as it forms the basis for most of the Hordes armored vehicles. However, Howlers are often used as APCs ment to transport and deploy the Hordes forces into the heart of the battlefield. As such Howlers are famously rugged machines, capable of taking damage that would cripple a Rhino and still being able to carry out its mission unhampered. It is also famously fast, as its six treaded wheels allow it to grip like normal tank treads but hit speeds that such a vehicle is completely incapable of. However, Howlers boast a very light arsenal, often only a few gunports and one mounted heavy machine gun, and thus are not ment for any form of front line combat.


Thumpers are the Calipsians Hordes main battle tanks, bearing four treaded wheels, a rather robust frame, large machine guns, and a surprisingly powerful Battle Cannon, the Thumper is ment to hunt down the enemy and rip them apart before they can even react. Its speed is legandary, as is its ease of matianaince. However, Thumpers are lightly armored and are not ment for "slugfests" against other tanks, instead they rely on speed, manuverability, and one mean punch to win the day.

Locust Fighter-BombersEdit

The Locust is the Calipsian Hordes sole model of one man aerial vehicle. This is due to its sheer versistility as the Locust can be used in atmosphere, the vacume of space and even in aquatic inviornments. There are as many different variants of the Locust as there are worlds in the Calipsian Hordes and each design comes armed with loadouts that range from battle cannons scaled down to fit the fighters frame to missile batteries armed with nuclear warheads. Whatever the armerment, the Locust is a deadly fighter, agile, swift and beyond maneuverable. However it is lightly armored and cannot endure much punishment, even a stray lasbolt in the right place can cripple the Locust. Thus Locusts are often seen in massive swarms, where their superior numbers and often devastating loadouts can crush the enemy regardless of how many of the swarms number falls.


Hunters are diverse bipedal weapons platforms used by the Calipsian Hordes in a anti-tank and anti-infantry role. Based off Imperial Sentinels, the Hunter is very simmilar to its Imperial counterpart in design, save for the fact that it is much more heavily armed and often controlled by a semi-sentient A.I. Thus most Hunters are little more than very large Calipsian Combat drones. They are built with one nose mounted weapon, two shoulder mounts, and two close combat weapons on a pair of arms. They often act alone or in packs, and on occasion are used to support infantry forces.

Hunters are agile and well armed but the A.I. is quite simple and straightforward in the prosecution of its missions and lacks the finesse of an organic pilot, furthermore the armor of this machine is very light and it cannot withstand heavy weapons fire for long. (though its relentless machine drive and robust constitution make it very hard to put down in one fell swoop)

Storm Crow GunshipsEdit

Storm Crows are the Calipsians main form of air transport and thus are used in a similar role as Thunder Hawks or Valkyries. Storm Crows are heavily armed, often boasting quad linked machine guns and powerful missile batteries. They are also heavily armored and can actually plow through at least three walls of ferrocrete before being rendered inoperable. However, they are very slow and are notoriously cumbersome.


The Colossi are the Hordes most heavy unit, massive, geneticly enhanced warbeasts, the largest ever recorded stood as tall as a Reaver class Titan but no other specimens have been beyond a Warhound Class Titan or below a Baneblade. These warbeasts are masterworks of genetic engineering, having been enhanced far beyond their original forms.

Colossi are often specimens of Megafauna from various worlds within the Hordes (either grown in labs or simply captured) that have been augmented into weapons of war, often boasting vastly increased size, muscle mass, and massive bionic weapons. As such these beasts are meant for all out assault, and are called to war when the Hordes are expanding their borders or defending their territory, as transporting these beasts for extended periods is both dangerous and impractical as the Hordes raiding armies rarely attack heavily defended worlds.

A Colossus can range in size and appearance greatly, depending on the creatures they were created from or the indented purpose of the Colossi in question. Some are hulking sauripods, ment to wreak havok on enemy armor. Others are feline monstrousites, bred to hunt down infantry forces. Still others are massive aquatic beasts, created to destroy enemy warships as they patrol alien waters.

Whatever their size, speices, or purpose, all Colossi are maned, either by a sole pilot or a team ranging from four to six. These beasts each have a control module, often taking the form of an enclosed cockpit, that is wired directly to the Colossus's neural system, meaning that its crew has full control over its actons and functions. (though few pilots completly supress the warbeast preditory urges and consider it more like guiding the beast to its prey and aiming its ranged weapons than actually "piloting" it) While the Colossus can still function without a crew, this is a dangourus propisition, as the beast will act purely of its own will and few of them are trained to decern freind from foe.

Colossi are also few in number, with any truely powerful Gene-Lord having, at the most, ten. This is due to the obvious cost of creating and maintaining such a creature. Compounding this is also the often solitary nature of Colossi, as even with the guiding hand of their pilots, these beasts rarely work well with others of their kind. This is due to the often preditory and territorial nature of these massive beasts. (a few exeptions to this have been seen with some smaller Colossi that are specificly trained and conditoned to work in packs)

In spite of the obvious advantages Colossi share, they are still beast of flesh and bone and though certainly robust, are only capable of taking so much punishment and thus are inferior to most Titan-esuq units used by other factions in terms of durability and operational flexibility. (as no Colossi can fight on a airless death world) In spite of this, Colossi are still engines of destruction in their own right, being switft and deadly preditors and often armed with weapons that allow them to take on Imperial Knights, armored vehicles, and Dreadnaughts on more than even ground.

Techno-Barbarian ArmiesEdit

"Hordes of psycotic, bloodthirtsy, and unhygenic scum... yet I must say for "barbarians" they are exeedingly well armed."- Imperial Commisar on the Barbarian armies of the Hordes

There are various barbarian armies and millitas throughout the Calipsia Seb-Sector and these roving bands of mercinaries and cut throats are usually under the command of a Gene-Lord. Though these Hordes seem like nothing more than barbaian raiders, they are invariably better equiped than the Imperial Gaurd, as each man is armed to his personal tastes and few Barbarian warriors skimp on life saving armor and powerful weapons. (they are also, presumably, better payed) They are also motivated not only by pay but by fanatical devotion to the Gene-King, who is nothinlg less than a god amongst men.

Many Techno-Barbarian warriors of the Calipsian Hordes have some form of genetic alterations or bionic weapons, this is due to how readily available such technologies are within the Hordes. However, most of these augmentations are cut-rate or second hand and are not nearly as advanced as the ones found in Feral Gene-Warriors. But over time a particulararly succsessful Barbarian warrior may save enough to have quality augmentations installed.

In spite of the few advatages these warriors have over Imperial Gaurd there are many disadvantages, the Barbarian armies of the Calipsian Hordes are often poorly trained and lack any real command structure, simply following the lead of the Feral Legionaries they fight alongside or relying on brute force tatics.

There are a few Techno-Barbarian Armies of note:

The Ten-Thousand FistsEdit

The Ten-Thousand Fists are the Gene-Kings personal army and thus have a regular command structure of officers and a High General, Korpe Sorano. As such they are a professional force and each warrior of the Ten-Thousand Fists are geneticly enhanced to be faster, stronger, and smarter than your average man. And while they pale in comparison to the Black Hand, they can take on scores of Imperial Gaurd Regiments and whole Ork Tribes and remain sure of victory.

The Calion BuchersEdit

The Calion Buchers are a Barbarian Army of some renown, known for their sheer numbers, preference for hand to hand combat, and their large number of Khorn worshipers. As such they have become quite popular amongst the Gene-Lords as cheap and expendable forces, who are still quite deadly and experienced. A prefered weapon is the Chain-Axe. They are named after the world of Calion, which is a massive galdiator world, and the home of a majority of the Calion Buchers.

The Tornreth MaruadersEdit

The Tornreth Maruaders are famed for their large fleet of warships and skill in boarding manuvers, they are equally well known as theives, backstabbers, and con-men. They charge exorbent fees and often steal war mateiral from their allies, but few Barbaraian hordes can succsessfully board a Space Marine Battle-Barge single handedly. (though it is very unlikely they can take a Space Marine Battle-Barge single handedly) They origanaite from the world of Tornreth, which is mostly a Port World and traiding center of the Calipsia Sub-Sector.

The ManyEdit

The Many are a strage group of Death Cultists, numbering in the millions and all sworn to vows of scilence. (save the "unblooded" who often act as liasons) This Barbarian Army is rarely seen and they are very secretive in nature. Regardless, they have earned high favor from the Gene-King and often act as battlefeild assassins, using the din of war as a shroud as they close in for the kill. They are famed for their mass ambushes and suprise attacks and have turned the tide of whole campaignes with a single stroke. They prefer light armor if any and kill using various exotic poisons or ranged weapons, as well as master crafted blades and daggers. They often paint themselves black, with death iconography. The Gene-King has used them in the past as spys and counter assassins and as such they have earned a reputation as "The Eyes of the King."

The Immortals of ZanithEdit

The Immortals are famed only for their armored legions of tanks and their skill in mechnized warfare, short of that their infantry forces are negilgable at best. They often use deadly Calipsian Combat Drones and are often found with various bionics. They are often found alongside the White Blades, drawing the enemys heavy weapons fire awar from the Gene-Warriors and destroying enemy emplacements. They hail from the icy indusrial world of Zanith.

Kynark RaidersEdit

The Kynark Raiders are deadly warriors that, rather than speicalizing in one form of combat, are a flexible and well equiped force of fighters. This makes them slightly more expensive than their more speicalized competition, as they have been known to charge exorbent fees in order to pay for their massive aresenals. However, they are also well armed and trained, and have been known to match Imperial Guard in overall disapline. Thus they have become quite popular over the years and have grown in number and clients since the dawn of the 40th millieium.

The Winged WraithsEdit

This Elite Barbarian warriors, led by the infamous Fallen Angel Dis Baran. They specialize in jump assault tatics and often bear genetic enhancements that make them physicly stronger and faster than the average man. They are renowned as fearless warriors and expertly trained combatants. The worship Dis Baran as a demigod of the Gene-King. They are regarded as some of the most deadly mortal fighters next to the Gene-Kings own Ten-Thousand Fists and are capable of combating Space Marines if given the advantage in numbers. They are extensivly trained to combat Astartes by their vengful master and some become particularly skilled in their craft.

Feral LegionsEdit

"The Space Marines think themselves superior... mabey this is so, prehaps it is not... what is for certain is this, there are billions of Calipsian Gene-Warriors, and only thousands of Space Marines. Now I'm not one to gamble but, I'd bet my money on the larger number if I were any one of you."- Ex-Imperial Gaurdsman Cydon Nax to his fellow Traitors, before defecting to join the Calipsian Hordes

The Feral Legions are the millions strong personal armies of the Gene-Lords. Unlike Space Marines, who all share the same general genetic process to becoming super-soilders, Feral Legionaires can vary greatly on every aspect from the method of creation to the effects of the advancements. Feral Legions are rarely equiped with a uniform set of wargear and usually the Gene-Warriors have their wargear made to suit their tastes. Feral Legions also vary in tatics, and even language. (and this may be within the same Legion)

In spite of appearing as a rag-tag fighting force, Feral Legions are deadly armies the likes of which were only known during the Unifaction Wars of anceint Terra. Unless the force against them is well trained and prepaired, they will stand no chance, as the Calipsian Gene-Warriors make up for their lack of regular wargear and training with brute force sheer numbers. Whilst a Feral Legionarie can never match up to a Space Marine in terms of longevity, training, or expericence, they far outmach mortal men and can take on most local forces with unparaled ease. Feral Gene-Warriors can defeat Ork Hordes and Gaurd Regiments with brutal speed and efficantcy the likes of which the Galaxy has rarely seen.

Feral Legions rarely work together due to ancient fudes and the oceans of bad blood between many Legions can find its roots in the early years of the Dark Age of Technology. However, should groups of Legionaires or even whole Legions be commendered by a High General, they will usually work in consert with other Legions with little friction. Feral Legions may also come together for a particularly large expansion though this is often at the behest of the Gene-King himself.

Psykers within the Feral Legions are known as Warlocks, and are usually used as berzerker warriors, as they are trained only to resist Daemonic forces until they die in battle. They weild their innate powers like an Ork weilds a Choppa, crudely but with the utmost brutality. Needless to say Warlocks are extremely rare.  

There are a few Feral Legions of note:

The Black HandEdit

"In the name of the God King we kill! In the name of the Hordes we destroy!"- The standard Black Hand battlecry.

 The Black Hand are the most powerful Feral Legion in existence, they rival Space Marines in physical strength and mental fortitude, though they lack longevity and the wisdom that comes from it. Black Hand Legionaries are subservient to the Gene-King and the Gene-King alone, and will mercilessly punish all who dare challenge their masters will. They are cold and ruthless fighters, famed for their flexibility in combat as they are master strategists. The Black Hand are also regularly equipped with the best wargear the Horde has to offer and as such are lethal foes. They are rarely if ever seen outside of The Calipsian Hordes territories, as they are more of a police force and homegaurd, they ensure the undying loyalty of the Gene-Lords. But when they are seen outside of the Gene-Kings empire, their mission is of great importance to the Gene-King.

The most elite warriors of the Black Hand are known as the "Death Fist" and are all clad in deadly Onslaught Heavy Power Armor. These warriors are second only to the Gene-Kings honor guard in skill and experience and are often sent on brutal assaults in order to destroy the enemy where his numbers are thickest. The Death Fist are some of the greatest champions the Hordes have to offer. 

There is always an elite honor guard of sixty Black Hand guarding the Gene-King, rumors persist that they, like High General Korpe Sorano, have been granted eternal life. This remains uncertain, but what is known is that they are the deadliest warriors the Hordes have to offer and can match a Space Marine Chapter Master in personal combat.

It is believed that Black Hand Gene-Warriors are created using a process similar to a Space Marines, however the augmentation process is much more rapid and painful. Within weeks of implantation with the primitive Gene-Seed like organs, the Black Hand warrior has developed fully and ready to kill in the Gene-Kings name. Black Hands Legionaries are the longest lived, having maximum lifespans of over 300 Terran years.

The SavagesEdit

"Akua! Akua! Mek No Kah!"- The Savages Battlecry, translation: "Death! Death! A fate you cannot escape!"

The Savages are a deadly force of Feral Legionaires that specialized in raiding Eldar Craftworlds. Ever since their humilating defeat against the Eldar, this band of Gene-Warriors swore an oath of vengance that their succsessors still hold true to, more than a millenia later. They learned as much as could be learned about Eldar weapons and tactics, and were soon enacting bloody vengance on the xenos. They have become experts on the Eldar race, understanding their biology and culture to a fine degree, indeed it is surpirsing to many outsiders that the Savages would take the time to learn so much about a that they may destroy them all more easily.

The Savages gained their name for their ruthless deamenor and various tatoos, it is a tradtion within the Savages to recount tales of victory or other important events in ones own skin through various tatoos and cerimonial scars and pericings.

The Savages are all born in a lab, each one grown in biological vats and matured into super-soilders. Before they take their first breath their developing minds are bombarded with tatical data and military acumen. At the moment of 'birth' the Savages are ready for combat. The legions history is taught oraly and though the use of holo-logs, from this the new legionaries are trained by their seinor officers to hate the Eldar above all else. The standard lifespan of a Savages Legionary is 60 Terran years.

The Flayed SoulsEdit

"Ibush ta! Ibush ta STRA!"- Standard Flayed Souls battlecry, translation: "Burn them! Burn them ALL!"

The Flayed Souls are a bloody and violent Feral Legion with a reptuation for being sadists and psycopaths and as such are experts in melee combat and the use of area denile weapons such as Flamers and chemical weapons. Flayed Souls Legionaries specialize in combating Chaotic forces, and do so with great relish. Though they are not nearly as skilled as Chaos Space Marines, nor are they immune to their dark powers, they are all but impossible to bend to the will of the Dark Gods. This is because the Flayed Souls are incapable of comprehining a greater glory than serving their Gene-Lord, it is written into their very being. This fanatical deovtion, along with almost total insainty, makes them more living weapons than living being. Ritual scars and tatoos are commonplace amongst these savage warriors, as they are geneticly conditoned to enjoy pain.

The Flayed Souls Legionaries are roumored to be created using a technique simmilar to the Iron Warrior's Daemonculaba, however, the process is much more efficeient as the wombs form which they are born rarely die from the brithing process (though they wear out quickly) and "newborn" Legionaires have skin. During their gestation, Flayed Souls Leigonaires are indoctrinated through a mix of chemical and biological agents that make them fanaticly loyal and incapable knowing fear or pity. The standard lifespan for a Flayed Souls Legionary is at least 12 Terran years. 

Grey GeistsEdit

"Scilence begs the question...and death is the awnser." - Mantra of the Grey Geists Feral Legion

The Grey Geists Feral Legion is an all female legion bred for infiltration and terror tatics. They speicalize in ambushes, sabatoge, black propaganda and assassination as well as frontline combat. The Grey Geists are methoical and merciless fighters, famed for using their own wounded as human sheilds should the need arise. They are aslo swift and agile, capable of scaling skyscrapers with no equipment save their bear hands. They are masters of disguise, and can use their feminine charms to infiltrate even the most secure fortresses. They posess greatly attuned sences, capable of distinguishing sounds, smells, and even feel the vibrations of another beings heartbeat though miles of ferrocrete. They posess and organ simmilar to a Space Marines Omophagea, allowing them to "learn by eating." However, the Grey Geists Omophagea is mutch more sophisicated and they can learn about a beings entire life simply by partaking of its flesh or blood. (and in often small amounts, although this organ has made these Gene-Warriors prone to canibalistic tendancies and other such eating disorders) Other Gene-Seed like organs include the Calalepsean Node, the Geists version allows them to go at max, months without sleep, and the Sus-an Membrain, although the Geists version is capable of almost hundreds of years of hibernation. They are also famously durable, capable of being beheaded and still surviving the ordeal if their head is reatached within several minutes.

The Grey Geists have a famous rivalry with the Steel Jackals, and the two Legions were bitter foes during the millienia before the Gene-Kings rise to power. As such the two Legions are rarely used in the same force by a High General or the Gene-King himself without substantial distance between them. Grey Geists and Steel Jackals inevitably try to kill one another if they are forced to work in consert for exdended periods of time.

The prossess of creating Grey Geists is a closely guarded secret and not even the Gene-King himself is totally informed of its finer details. What is known is that Grey Geists are taken from various recruites and the process of becoming a Grey Geists Legionary turns the young recruites hair grey, hence the name of the legion. The length of a Grey Geists lifespan is unknown but is assumed to be about 40-80 Terran Years. 

The White BladesEdit

"Blood stains the strong as it flows from the weak!"- The mantra of the White Blades

The White Blades are a Feral Legion famed for their sheer brutality and skill in melee combat, and the fact that usually dawn power armor simmilar to MK1 Thunder Armor, as the torso is powered but the legs are not. Their armor is also noted to be extremely thick and durable, capable of taking a direct blow from a Thunder Hammer and holding together. The White Blades gained their name because all of their weapons are painted white, as is their armor, with red and black checkers for relife. They are brutal and bloodthirsty killers, wading into a firefight, buchering all who dare enter within arms reach. They are known for slow methodical advances, this is partitialy because their armor is quite heavy, but they also do it to intimdate their foes. (as waching these armored and blood stained behemoths casually walk through a hail of lasgun fire is more than enough to scare the daylights out of a gaurdsman) They are larger than your typical Calipsian Gene-Warrior and stand a full head above Space Marines, it is this added bulk that gives them their strength but also makes them easy targets for heavy weapons. Their armor is also quite top-heavy, and this can be used to a combatbants advantage.

White Blades are notirously well equipped and boast very adavanced wargear. And have an overall organisation very much like Space Marines, with an actual chain of command and near standard loadouts. White Blades are also very well trained and disaplened fighters, some even carry an air of nobility. This is due to the almost knightly culture of the White Blades, they rarely target civilans (veiwing such tatics as benith them) and often fight with honor. In spite of this they are still relentless foes and show no mercy to those who dare to take up arms against them, be they man, woman, or child.

White Blades are created by a mix of merciless training and heavy augmentations. They are not just geneticly enhanced but bonics are implanted into their bodies to act as secondary or even tertiary organs. White Blades are some of the longest lived Legionaries, known to live for at least 100 Terran years before their genes fail.

The Flesh PhantomsEdit

"Your flesh is ours to wear!"- Common Flesh Phantoms battlecry

The Flesh Phantoms Feral Legion are a feared and contraversial Feral Legion, bearing the most advanced and experemental designs of any Gene-Warrior of the Hordes. As such they and their Gene-Lord are kept under the Black Hands watchful eye at all times. Flesh Phantoms Legionaries are so deadly because they need no weapons save their own bodies, for their augmentations allow them to shapeshift at will and as such can form blades from their own bones and armor from their very skin. Flesh Phantoms are some of the best infiltaitors and assassins the Hordes have to offer, and make extremely potent frontline combatants. The amount of disgusies available to a Flesh Phantom is only limited by his size and imagination, capable of taking on the form of any creature be it a Gene-Stealer, Eldar, Ork, or even a fully armored Space Marine. 

Flesh Phantoms are feared by their allies and enemeis alike for they are undetectible to all but psykers (who can easily sence something is awry) and creatures such as Tyranids or Xellok. Flesh Phantoms are beyond deadly combatants, being capable of hardining their flesh to the point where it can match platesteel and forming their bodies into a vast aresenal of weapons, from blades and mauls, to barbed tendrils that can fire from any part of their bodies. Flesh Phantoms, like the Grey Geists, can absorb the memories of their prey by partaking of their flesh and this aides them in their role as infiltraitors. Flesh Phantoms are geneticly engineered to be the perfect predatior and were intened to be an "Astartes Killer", born to annihilate the Imperiums finest warriors. They are beyond perfect in this role and have been responsible for the deaths of Space Marines the Galaxy over.

Flesh Phantoms can absorb bio-mass from any organic material, the methods and material depends wholly on the age and expereince of the Legionarie. Most are only capable of abosrbing bio-mass from protine rich substances such as meat, and absorb it via conventional consumption. However, as they age, Flesh Phantoms can absorb targets by enveloping them with their own bodies or even by mere skin contact and can draw bio-mass from the very soil.

Flesh Phantoms are all grown in labs from ideal human and xenos geneomes, and are further enhanced through various agressive surgieres and genetic implants. Their natural forms are muscular bodies that stand well over eight feet tall, they each have errily skull shaped heads, full of sharp teeth. They are heavily indoctrinated and condtioned to be highly obdeient and bear strong preditory instincts. Unfortunanly other areas of mental development are very immature, when not disgusing themselves, Flesh Phantoms display an almost child like understanding of human emotions and the world around them, behaving as if they did not fully understand why they are doing what they are doing or why they are being attacked. Later in their lives they mature mentally and with the collective knowlege of their targets can become very intelegent and wise. When first born, Flesh Phantoms can only manipulate their apperences, but the longer they live and pratice their abilites there truly is no limit to what they can accomplish, from making weapons and armor from their bodies, to using their bodies as testbeds for biological weapons and cures for deseaises. Flesh Phantoms can eventually control their bodies down to the last cell. As it can be imagened, Flesh Phantoms are notioriously hard to kill, requireing either incineration, or severe enough physical trauma that the body simply cannot recover from it. (thought the threshold for killing a Flesh Phantom through trauma becomes more and more distant as it ages and masters its abilites)

Flesh Phantoms rarely survive for more than eight years as they slowly go mad either from absorbing the memories of so many targets or simply because they overtax themselves and their bodies react violently in what is known as the "Overchange". The Overchange results when an inexperienced Flesh Phantom attempts a particular form or adaptation that simply overtaxes his already strained biology and it sets off a painful chain reaction which reduces the Flesh Phantom into something akin to a Chaos Spawn or Horror, constantly shifting as a mass of horrid body parts and limbs. The Overchange can be triggered by madness as well, as the various personalities of the Flesh Phantoms victems fight for dominance of its mind, its body will be thrown into uphevil. Within their usual eight year long lifespans, Flesh Phantoms will learn how to mould their bodies into weapons and armor but little else. However a fair number of them stave off madness and carfully pratices and exercise themselves and master their physical forms, becoming some of the most deadly beings in the Galaxy.

The Dark MawsEdit

"We are Power for we are Many!"- Basic Dark Maws battlecry

The Dark Maws are a Feral Legion famed for their skill in lighting fast assaults. They "swallow up" the foe with their sheer numbers. They are also masterful demolitons experts and are armed with many assault weapons and warbikes. They are lightly armored and their genes make them swift and agile combatants, whilst they can never mach up to a Space Marine in strength, they can outmanuver them with speed that has earned them many nicknames such as "Gosts" and "Blurs". (they still posess strength that is still superhuman by normal standards and can snap a Gaurdsmans neck with a single strike) They make heavy use of the Storm Laz and powerful Energy Knives.

The Dark Maws are all grown from various DNA samples taken from gladiators and bounty hunters from across the Calipsia Sub-Sector and are basicly enhanced clones. They are Psyco-Conditoned to be ruthless, fearless, and fanaticly loyal to their brothers and Gene-Lord. The process only takes three Terran Days and thus the Dark Maws are one of the largest Feral Legions in exsistance, however their life spans are usually 10 Terran years long.

The BonesEdit

"Omak Keenah Kauus!"- Standard Bones battlecry, translation: "We will feast on you!"

The Bones Feral Legion are an all female legion that are famed as prehaps some of the best Calipisan Gene-Warriors in terms of deep assault and terror tatics. They are extremely stong and durable, not to mention bloodthirsty. They are condtioned to hunger for the flesh of their enemies and this often what makes them so terrifing. (it also earned the legions name, as often all that remaines of their foes are their gnawed bones) Each Legionary has rows of razor sharp teeth, jaws that can extend wide enough to accomidate a mans head, and glands simmilar to the Betcher's Gland, however the Bones version secretes a far more potent agent than the Space Marine Betcher's Gland, as one bite or spit from a Bones Legionary can kill a normal man in seconds and leave a Space Marine dead in ten Terran minutes. There is no known cure for this venom. Bones Legionaries are also remarkably durable and can even survive being beheaded and, thanks to various snyapse nodes built into the Gene-Warriors body, can still continue fighting. Psykers are more prevliant within this Feral Legion and thus they have elite divisions of berzerker Warlocks, who can kill with a glance and light fire to the occupants of armored vehicles with a whim.

It has recently been noted that at least 600 of these Feral Legionares fell to the tempations of Saleenesh and have been maruading in the Galatic North for some time now under the command of an unknown Chaos Marine from the fabled Divine Gargoyles Warband.

Bones Legionaries are grown in biological vats and are heavily augmented, bearing an encloased rib cage, whole secondary and even tertieary organs, and of course their trademark venom gland. From the moment they emerge from the genetic slurry they are born from they are bathed in bloodlust and strong enough to rip a mans head from his shoulders. They are also heavily indoctrinated through various drugs and psyco-conditioning, giving them a strange, childlike obdieance and fondness for their commanders, and have been programed to fall into a berzerker rage should they fall. Due to the various enhancements on a mental level, and certain glands whithin their bodies, every time a Bones Legionary kills a target, they recive an immidate "rush". This hormonal cocktail is highly addictive and before long these depraved warriors are killing for pleasure in their spare time. (and are often seconded as pit fighters by their Gene-Lord for coin) All these augmentations have very little effect on their attractive aperences however, this is where their power as terror troops come into play, as whitnessing these peitet and beautiful women rip a man apart and eat him alive is enough to make even the most steely Guardsman question the sanity of standing against them. Bones Legionaries can live for at least 70 not because their genes fail, but because all that was human about them gives way to animalistic blood lust and they inevitably fall in battle or eat themselves alive.

The UnboundEdit

"KILL! RIP! BREAK! BLEED!"- An Unbound Legionary in the heat of battle

The Unbound are one of the most feared Feral Legions in existance. These hulking brutes are mindless tanks of meat and rage and are more of an area of denile weapon than actual soilders. They stand two heads taller than an Ogryn and can actually fight armored vehicles with little more than their bare hands. (and whatever blunt instruments they can get their hands on) Imperial forces who have run afoul with these Legionaries tell tales of wild behomoths, with massive muscles that can deflect autoguns slugs and teeth that can chew through platesteel like it was cardboard. They are usually clad in light  platesteel armor and armed with massive maces or if they are particularly smart, massive "Kill-Guns" which are simply monstrous autocannons, they can also carry Calipsian Battle Cannons in a fasion akin to a bazooka. They are extremely durable and can survive a direct hit from a Chimera's cannon. They are not famed for being intelegent however, and have been known to charge off ledges to their certain doom simply because the foe was on the other side of the chasem.

The Unbound are mindless beasts, and as such are impossible to control without their Gene-Lords signature "Slave Collars" which, by conecting directly to the subjects spinal cord and therefore neuvous system, allowing the user to program in functions and general guidelines for behavior. With these collars in place, Unbound Legionaries are obedient and beyond loyal. (If not quite simple minded) However, should these collars be damaged, the beast will fly into its usual homicidal rage and kill and eat any living being it can find. (Thus they are ususally kept in stasis until they are needed to minimze the risk)

Unbound Legionaries are created using Ogryn "recruites" as the means to so drasicly alter baseline humans is beyond even the Gene-Lords. The Ogryns are agressivly augmented with various implants and some cybernetic organs, the end result is a beast with bones as hard as adamantum, mucsles that can rip a Space Marine in half, and a temperment the likes of which is agressive in the extreme. Due to the sheer expence of the prosidures needed to create an Unbound Legionary, they are often few in number, though Gene-Lords of this Legion have been known to build up vast stores of these beasts over time and unleash them all in devistating charges. Unbound have a maximum lifespan of 30 years before their bodies fall apart from the stress of supporting such a physiqe. (however sinces the monstrosites are often in stasis for 90% of their lives they can 'live' for eons)

The Steel JackalsEdit

"Bone breaks, flesh burns, but we are unstoppable."- Mantra of the Steel Jackals

The Steel Jackals are an all female Feral Legion, and speicalize in siege warfare and ranged combat. They are masterful snipers and have been known to rival the Equalizers in ranged combat. They are usually lightly armored though some prefer medium armor, usually in the form of carapace armor. They are also explosives experts and deadly hand to hand fighters, attacking with speed and grace that belies their sheer ruthlessness. They are not nearly as pyhsicly strong as Space Marines but have been noted to be exremely resistant to pain and show remarkable endurance, capable of being hewn in half and still continue fighting. They are also experts in infiltration, and have been known to use their feminine charms to negotiate through enemy lines.

The Steel Jackals have a bloody past with the Grey Geists and do not work well with them for exended periods of time. Eventually one always trys to kill the other.

The Steel Jackals Legionaries are grown in biological vats and Psyco-Conditioned druing their development and are further imprinted with various combat data. After 'brith' they are put through brutal training that weeds out any potental weaklings, and are made unquestionably loyal to their Gene-Lord and incapable of fear. In fact it is belived all true emotions are bred out of them, and that they can only simluate true emotions. (albit with perfect accuracy) The average Steel Jackals Legionary can live for more than 90 years and as such display one of the most stable gene designs next to the White Blades, The Fangs, and Black Hand.

The Venom WarriorsEdit

"Guth! Guth mea KTAZ!"- Typical Venom Warriors battlecry, Translation: "Venom! Venom unto ME!"

The Venom Warriors Feral Legion is one of the most infamous in the whole of the Claipsia Sub-Sector and one of best when it comes to massive assaults and are ideal shock troops. They are hulking warriors, each almost ten feet tall and are savage in hand to hand combat, their super-human strength making them capable of ripping though ferrocrete with their bare hands. They are usally heavily armed and lightly armored, as they can often carry weapons that were intendned for use as vehical weapons with as much ease as an Imperial Gaurdsman weilds his lasgun, however to keep themselves mobile they usually wear light armored vests that expose their Ork-like bulk. They are almost the steriotypical Calipsian Gene-Warriors, large, brutish, and unorganized. However, they are renowned as fearsome warriors, knowing no fear and relishing in the slaughter. They have shown themselves more than able at overunning even the most mighty of static defences with nothing more but their fury and sheer numbers. The Venom Warriors have a long and proud history, often at the forfront of any major engagement the Hordes have been involved in since the Gene-King united the Legions. 
File:Venom Gene-Warrior -2.jpg

Venom Warriors are "lightly" augmented, bearing only basic implants such as extra vital organs, vastly incresed mucsle mass, and hardened bones. But what gives them their edge and their namesake is the huge doses of various "Super-Soilder Serums" that are perminantly flowing through their massive bodies. Usually found in some form of backpack, these injectors are found on every single Venom Warrior and without the constant flow of these concotions they will die in no more than thirty Terran minutes. Their biological augmentiations are dependant on these serums, and they give these warriors a massive advantage in combat, as the various drugs that flow through their veins make them nigh unstoppable juggernauts, capable of shrugging off mortal blows and ripping squads of Guardsmen apart with their bare hands. Aside from the various combat drugs and augmentations, Venom Warriors are also well trained, and are usually trained from birth or are vetran warriors of the barbarian armies. Training is harsh but quick as much of it is pyscho-conditoning and fights to the death to determine who absorbed that information the best.

Their lifespans are extemely short as the combat drugs they need erode their very cells, and within no more than 5 years, their bodies rapidly deteriorate and they die a painful death as their organs praticly disintagrate. (thus they are usually kept in some form of primitive stasis until they are needed) However, some rare cases (1 in every 200) the particular concotion of combat drugs drasticly increses the Gene-Warriors lifespan to hundreds or even thousands of years, these rare indviduals also tend to be of genius level intelect, it is unknown if this is a side effect of the succsessful symbiosis or if it is the trait that destines them to intagrate so well with their injections. These indivduals usually become commanders for the rest of their comrades and recive high favor from their Gene-Lord. Most Venom Warriors develop a strange form of battlefeild kleptomainia, often becoming obsessed with gathering various trophies from fallen foes. This is believed to be a result of their short lifespans, as often all that is left of a Venom Warrior is his ledgend, which lives on in his prized treasures and trophies which are often preserved (and on occasion used as few Venom Warriors collect anything but wargear) by their fellows.

The Silver VeinsEdit

"For Victory and the Hordes!"- Typical Silver Veins battlecry

The Silver Veins Feral Legion is a deadly force of warriors, noted for their heavy cybernetic augmentations in liue of more advanced bilogical ones. The Silver Veins, like the Black Hand are taticly felxable and can find victory in all situations. They are prehaps some of the best Calipsian Gene-Warriors in terms of ship to ship combat and their renown as pirates is well earned. They have a habit of heavily augmenting themselves with weaponized bionics, as such the can fight astartes one on one and have a fair chance of victory. However, they are few in number by Calipsian standards, numbering roughly ten thousand, and though long lived by human standards, few have the thousands of years of experence that Space Marines dispaly. The Silver Veins became famous within the Hordes after they defeated a Company of Lamenters Space Marines. The unlcky astartes ran afoul with the Silver Veins and their gene-seed was delivered to the Gene-Techs of the Gene-King.

They share a simmilar process to space marines in becoming Gene-Warriors. However, unlike the Black Hand, their gene-seed like organs are considered "tempramental" by the Gene-King's Gene-Techs, as it is very difficult to find a geneticly compatable recruite. The process also takes agonising months and in some cases, years. The usual lifespan for a Silver Veins Legionairy is 190 Terran years, however due to the heavy augmentations they undergo, some particularly influencal indivduals can become almost unscathed by the passage of time.

Shadow ChampionsEdit

"In the name of our ancestors, we will shatter the stars!"- The Warcry of the Shadow Champions
File:Calipsian Gene-warrior.jpg

The Shadow Champions Feral Legion are one of the most powerful Feral Legions in the whole of the Calipsian Hordes, though they have little influence within the polictial arenas due to their relitively small numbers, their sheer might makes them a force to be feared and respected. The Shadow Champions specialize in heavy weapons and demolitons. The Shadow Champions fight with honor and in strictly regimented lines that set them apart from their barbaric comrades, they also have a deep reverence for the anceints and the reminant pecies of technology from the bygone eras of mankind. This is shown in their highly advanced and fanaticly well kept wargear, whos internal components are simmilar to those found in the arsenals of the Imperiums Space Marine Chapters. (if not of poorer quality)

The Shadow Champions were the first to fall under the Gene-Kings banner, having surendered to protect their valuble stores of archotech from further harm. In return for fanatical devotion to the Gene-King, they were given far more atuonomy than the other Feral Legions after the Gene-Kings conquest of the Calipsa Sub-Sector. They own much of the Hordes industrial worlds and thus are responsible for the manufactoring of much of its weapons and vechilces. The Shadow Champions hold their ancestors (the Gene-Warriors who came before them) in high esteem and show a reverence for technology. In spite of their enlightend demenors, they are still brutal and cold blooded combatants, showing no fear or mercy. Shadow Champions are known for their strange ways and how unexpectedly they join battle, seemingly at the last moment or before any others reach the feild of battle, this has earned them their name as they are never noticed until they deliver the killing blow to the foes forces. This is mostly due to powerful active camoflouge units that are often found on most Shadow Champions Gene-Warriors. Even the dreaded Golem pattern Power Armor has been known to have a weak active camoflouge unit.

Shadow Champions are created through highly agressive and painful genetic and cybernetic augmentations, often this process takes four Terran months and candidates are chosen from the fantical warrior monks that defend the Feral Legions industrial planets while the Legion is off on its all important raids for the Hordes. Many of the Shadow Champions are more machine than flesh, some having been made one with their armor for all eternity. This can make them nigh impossible to truly kill, for most fallen Legionaries can be "repaired" given time. However, this is often not the case as most Imperial forces are urged by the Mechanicus and Inquasition to destroy these hertical abominations of flesh and steel totally. Due to the augmentations these Feral Legionaires undergo, their lifespans are very hard to decern but most estimates put them to around 100 to 150 years.

The FangsEdit

"WE ARE WAR!"- The most often uttered warcry of the Fangs Feral Legion

The Fangs Feral Legion speicalize in terror tactics. Various genetic augmentations make them into living weapons, from retractable adamantium dew-claws built into their forearms to jaws full of razor sharp teeth, these warriors are a terrifying sight to behold as they cut down their foes. They are so greatly warped by their twisted Gene-Lord that many Imperial scholars refuse to belive that these monstorous beings were ever human. They move with speed and agility that belies their astonishing strength.

They are experts in melee combat and are Psyco-Conditoned to instinctively know the weak points in over a million different designs of armor and know all the weak points of the Human, Tau, and Eldar body. Though they look savage and display animalistic behavior in battle, it is all a facade as these Feral Gene-Warriors are exremely crafty.It was the Fangs who were the most difficult to subjagate and were they not so useful the Gene-King would have ordered their total annihilation. Though standing only a head taller than the average man, they posess great strength and can even face a space marine in hand to hand combat. They prefer to wear minimal armor, as their beast like speed is more than enough to keep them alive in hand to hand combat and their bodies are more durable than an Orks. 

These Gene-Warriors are also effective as body gaurds, as their animal like sences mean that they can find assassins by mere smell.
File:The Fangs Gene-Warrior.jpg

The process by which the Fangs Legionaries are created is a long and complex, but the exact detials as to their creation is a colsely gaurded secret. What is known is that the recrutes are usually deadly gladiators and brutal Barbarian warriors. They are bred to be unwaveringly loyal to whomever they are created to serve and know no fear. They are surpisingly stable for such drastic alterations and can survive for at least 120 years. 

Deviant LegionsEdit

Most existing Feral Legions were created from hundreds of years of tial and error before a working fomula was established, most new Feral Legions run the risk of becoming "Deviant Legions" or Feral Legions that, due to the radical augmentations or other outside forces, have been declaired to unstable to be allowed to exist. Deviant Legions can also be acneint Feral Legions that never accepted the Gene-Kings rule and act as insurgents, or simply an upstart Gene-Lord who arrogently believed he could overthrow the Gene-King. Most of these Legions and their Gene-Lords are destroyed or forced into exile where they become threats to the Galaxy at large, while others become insurgents and rebels. Deviant Legions are known to aide the enemies of the Hordes simply for vengace or coin.

The Dead ClawsEdit

The Dead Claws Feral Legion were declaired deviant when a number of Legionaries began showing signs of severe Chaos corruption. It appered that their Gene-Lord had embraced Nurgle and his Legionaries were becomeing nigh unstoppable combatants, for the Dead Claws were famed for their sheer size and durability, with the blessings of Nurgle they became nightmarish juggernauts the likes of which made Plauge Marines pale in comparision. The Dead Claws were forced to flee the Sub-Sector but are believed to still be running amok in the Galatic North.

The Red GuardEdit

The Red Guard Feral Legion were one of the mightest pre-Great Crusade Feral Legion, once numbering in the millions and bearing very advanced genes, the Red Guard were at the forfront of the Calipsian defence against the Imperial forces and layed waste to the Ultramarines at great cost. When the Gene-King rose, the Red Guards Gene-Lord refused to fall to him and in the end were forced to go into hiding. Now they are rebles and mercenaries and known for their skill in covert operations.

Red Guard Legionaries are equal parts superhuman strength and speed with the added advantaged of supreme sences, being able to pick out targets from miles away in pitch dark envionrments and can hear the wingbeat of a fly though ten feet of ferrocrete. This makes them exelent covert opritives as well as frontline combatants.

Small bands of Red Guard have been known to fight alongside Imperial forces for coin and some have been known to have adopted the Imperial Cult. Often they aide Imperial forces assaulting the Hordes, supplying them with intelegence and supplies.


Stalkers are the byproduct of horrid experements with Tyranid biology, having infused Gene-Warriors with Gene-Stealer DNA. Creating a deadly hybrid that could easily overpower a Space Marine in hand to hand combat. Unfortunantly Stalkers were impossible to control and were supposed to be eradicated, but their maddend Gene-Lord instead unleashed his horrific monsters upon the Galaxy. Stalkers have since become a serious problem within the Hordes and nearby regions of space, their strange genetic signature confound most scanners. This means, unlike true Gene-Stealers, who are easy for the Hordes to spot, Stalkers can breed in massive swarms undetected for years until they overrun a planet.

They are as large as a fully armored Space Marine and bear four or two arms with various rending claws and blades, some have even evolved acid glands in their mouths and can spit with deadly accuracy. They even deveolp shields and bladed tails, in addition to a possible a bio-chainsword. (which unlike most "chain weapons" is totally silent save for the sound it makes upon carving though flesh and armor) Stalkers can also devoelp flesh hooks that fire from their maws, crushing club like apendages on their arms, and even wings. They look simmilar to an insect, bearing a flat, toothy maw and plates of black bullet proof exosekelton much like a beetle.

Stalkers are not as intelegent as Gene-Stealers however, though certainly smart enough to know basic things like how to open doors and move undetected, they are hardly infiltraitors of a society. Stalkers are more akin to a pack of beasts than Gene-Stealers, often relying on brute force to overwhelm and slaughter their prey. 

Stalkers breed via impregnating hosts with pre-formed embyos that are forced down the hoasts throat via ovapositer, after two days the Stalker Nyphs rip through their hoast and begin life with the swarm. Stalkers can breed and grow undetected for years, living in the sewers and wilderness, gathering hosts in the dead of night. Any being with an esophagus can be a hoast, from livestock to xenos such as Eldar and Tau.

Stalkers work on a very basic synaps much like the Tyranid Hive Mind but in a much more primitive form. This synaps allows these more or less feral beasts to work in simple quardnation with one another and know when the swarm has built up the the point when they can go on the offensive and overrun the planet. The Stalkers Hive Mind is not connected to the Tyranid Hive Mind and the two cannot co-exist, meaning that Stalkers will actually go berzerk and attack any Tyranid creature in their vicinity over all other potental targets. Though their sheer might means that they can even endanger a Carnifex given the numbers, Stalkers are nothing more than dumb brutes when compaired to their Tyranid cousians. 


The Brotherhood of the Dajakk- These Dark Mechanicus Hereteks have taken particular intrest in the works of the Gene-Lords and has attempeted to collect "specimens" from the Feral Legions in the past. Thus they are considered as security risk by the Gene-King and he has personally ordered nothing less than their total annihilation. The Black Hand has had numoris encounters with these craven scientists.

The Umvek- The Umvek are close allies of the Hordes and even the most tradiotonal Kadjic will not attack ships bearing the Gene-Kings insigna. They are often hired by the Hordes as assassins and mercenaries, often to either support Barbarian Armies or eliminate enemy commanders.

The Brethren of Spite- This band of Chaos Space Marines have clashed with the Feral Legions before over "hunting grounds" and as such have become bitter enemies of the Hordes. The Silver Veins have a particularly bloody history with the Brethren.

Craftworld Kal'Lae'Eath- Eons ago it was this Craftworld alone that halted the 1st Calipsian Expansion, after the almost casual slaughter of the Savages Feral Legion, Craftworld Kal'Lae'Eath sytmaticly destroyed neumoris raid fleets and on its own held the Hordes back, albeit at a cost. Ever since those faithful years, the Calipsian Hords have hunted the Eldar of Kal'Lae'Eath in what they call "The Dark War" and have both been the victor and loser in many battles with these Eldar over the millenia.

Chaos- To many Imperial scholars, the Inquasition, and most noteably members of the Ecclesiarchy, it is a wonder these "heathen barbarians" have not been consumed by chaos. The fact is, the Forces of Chaos are far more preocupied with the Imeprium of Man than the Calipsian Hordes, and that it is much eaiser to enforce laws against Chaos worship within a sub sector than it is whithin a Galaxy spanning empire. Though, tales of Gene-Lords and their Feral Legions going rouge are not unheard of, and are mostly factual, the fear of being brutally exicuted by the Black Hand and the athisicic nature of most Gene-Lords makes these inccidents a rareity. Many a champion of the Dark Gods has met his end at the hands of Feral Legionaries, his advisors having told him that these barbaians were unorganized and ripe for conquest. However, the Hordes have been known to shelter renagade Space Marines such as The Fallen, and hire Chaos affilated mercenaries to bolster their forces or to create a distraction for Raiding Armies.

Orks- Orkish raiders have been a constant threat ever since the Dark Age of Technology and as such the Calipsian Hordes have had various dealings with Orks. From bloody wars, to even using them as mercinaries and hired thugs. Few human civilizations have such intament knowledge of the Orkish race. (and most if not all the people of the Hordes can speak the Orkish language fluiently) Orks of the Blackteef Tribe have become a recent problem as these Orks are smarter than usual and are armed to the teef with plasma weapons, as such they are one of the first Ork tribes to be a real threat to the Hordes. (however these Orks have been kept passive by trade agreements and thus have beome more pest than foe)

Tyranids- The Calpsian Hordes have delt with the Tryanids in the past but were spared the wrath of the Hive Fleets, having only delt with far flung stragglers from splinter fleets. Many Gene-Lords have attempted to use the Tryanids biology in various weapons and other creations but with mixed results. Gene-Stealers cults have been a problem in recent years but most Calipsian millitas are armed with some form of bio scanner that can pick up Xenos biological signals over a large area, thus very few if any Gene-Stealers can hide long amongst the Hordes.

Necrons- Though only recently encountered by various raiding armies and unlucky Feral Legions, many Gene-Lords are aggressively deploying their forces with the intent of capturing Necron technology, particularly weapons and Phasing technology. Though few of these raids have been fruitful, many Gene-Lords belive that once they have wrested the near mysitical hardware from theses souless machines, they may eventually unlock its secrets and no doubt conqure the Galaxy. (single handedly with any luck)

The Imperium of Man- Since the Great Crusaides the Calipsian Hordes have viewed the Imperium with disdain and abject hatred, they are (ironicly) seen as backwards zelots who worship a long dead king. The Gene-Lords in general believe that it is only a matter of time before the Imperiums Space Marines are all but extinct and their people fracture under the rule of various tyrants and religious overlords. The Imperium is often subject to various raids and is considered a favored enemy by most Calipsian forces. However, the Imperiums forces are rightly feared, for it was they who almost conquered the whole of the Calipsia Sub-Sector. Thus it is considered a fools gambit to take the full force of the Imperium head on.

Eldar- The Eldar are a rare and seldom passed up target, as many Gene-Lords and the Gene-King himself want nothing more than to adapt the Eldars technology to their needs. Eldar are also the foes who halted the Hordes early years of expansion and as such, have earned the ire of all human inhabitants within the Calipsia Sub-Sector. The Savages Feral Legion are considered experts on the Eldar and how best to combat them, thus no Gene-Lord or High General in his right mind would attack a Craftworld or Madien World without a sizeable forces of Savages.

Tau- The Tau Empire has been one of the few factions that have taken the Calipsian Hordes seriously. And thus have begun to agressively defend their Septs in hopes of repeling the maruading Feral Legions. However, the Tau belive the Hordes to be nothing more than desprate pirates, not a full fledged military force.

Noteable ConflictsEdit

The Lamentable IncursionEdit

A small group of Lamenters, caught in a warp storm during their penence crusaide, suddenly found themselves within the Calipsia Sub-Sector and no sooner had they arrived begun campaignes of genocide and extermination. However, this campaign was to be short lived, as the Silver Veins Feral Legion was soon upon them, having heard tales of these "Golden Warriors" marauding through the Hordes terriory. 

The Lamenters were quickly overwhelmed, their fleet torn to ribbons by nuclear charges and various Calipsian assault craft. In the end the Lamenters made their last stand on a small desert moon known as Tarkesh. Though these Sons of the Emperor fought hard, they were overwhelmed and slaughtered to the last man, the Silver Veins cut them down in hails of primitve bolter fire and with barbaric melee weapons.

The Red CrusadeEdit

"We had all heard stories of course, about the Gene-Warriors of the north, but I had always thought that that was all they were... stories. Then I fought them, I saw them take pulse rifle rounds to their bear flesh and not even slow down, I saw them rip my fellow Fire Warriors to shreds, but I also saw them die. For that, at least, I am thankful."- Fire Warrior of the Nyei'uan Sept

The Red Crusade was a massive Calipsian assault on Tau space that would wreak utter chaos across two Septs. Countless Barbarian Armies and four Feral Legions tore through a northern Septs, the Feral Legions that took part were the Venom Warriors, White Blades, Silver Veins, and Grey Geists. This uncharacteristically large incursion was due to a rising demand from the Gene-King and other bodies within the Hordes for examples of the Tau's technology and biology, not to mention to take various genetic specimens for the Gene-Lords twisted experiments. However, the Hordes advance into Tau space would be halted by a rather bold assault made by a fleet bound Sept known as Nyei'uan or "Shield Belt".

As the Hordes pillaged and raided Nyei'uan recived and urgent plea for assistance by not only the afflicted Septs, but those neighboring them as well, greatly conserned with the fericoticy of the Hordes advances as soon they would be tearing into 2nd Sphere territory. The Taus advanced weapons and powerful Battle Suits were no match for the Gene-Warriors and their sheer numbers, never had the Tau seen such wonton destruction from a people their governments still offically classed as "pirates".

Nyei'uan brought its entire fleet, supported by no less than twenty other Sept warfleets, to bear against the main body of the barbarian invaders over a remote desert world. The ensuing space battle and chaotic conflict on the barren surface of that world would echo throughout the Taus history as one of the bloodiest it had seen since the Daemocles Gulf Crusade. But Nyei'uan stood its ground, even as its allied forces insisted that continued battle was suicide, Commander Nebula Storm knew that this was the only hope the Tau had to stop the Hordes here and now and not deep within the Second Sphere with a thousand chared worlds behind them. He led his Fire Warriors on the heat-blasted deserts of the nearby planet, his forces spearheading a massive assault that tore into the flank of the barbarian lines while they were preoccupied by Kroot mercenaries. Meanwhile in the space battle above, Air Caste Commander Kor'el T'san of the Nyei'uan Sept led the naval forces of the Tau to victory, his flagship making a risky charge into the barbarian ships and felling their command vessel.

With their leadership demolished and their forces beaten bloody, the Feral Legions and their barbarian cohorts took their leave in a fighting retreat, determined to spitefully extinguish as many Tau lives as possible before being driven out of the Taus borders. Commander Nebula Storm would see the Hordes to the edge of Tau controlled space, hunting them across the stars. For their bravery and valor, the Septs assaulted in the Red Crusade supported Nyei'uan in any way they could before the Sept took its leave, honoring their dead and returning to their exodus.

The Ultramar InvasionEdit

Late in the the 39th Millenium, the Black Hand Feral Legion, assisted by the Venom Warriors Feral Legion, Shadow Champions Feral Legion, and Ten-Thousand Fists Barbarian Army, invaded The Relm of Ultramar for an unknown reasons and devastated three worlds before the Ultramarines, assisted by no less than four of its own Successor Chapters pushed them back. The Ultramarines gravely underestimated their foe in the opening weeks of the invasion and deployed the 5th reserve company to deal with the "savages". However, the Hordes proved themselves to be a fearsome foe and soon the 5th was overwhelmed and forced to retreat and call for reinforcements.

The Ultramarines soon saw the threat the Calipsian forces posed and called upon the Silver Skulls, Equalizers, Sons of Guilliman, and the Rainbow Warriors to aid them in what would be a brutal but short conflict. The Rainbow Warriors and Sons of Guilliman fought for control of the Agri World of Celusia, taking many causalties and being one of the 1st Imperial forces to ever identify the Shadow Champions Feral Legion and their dreaded Golem Pattern Power Armor. Meanwhile the Silver Skulls and 2nd and 3rd Equalizer Companies would aid in the liberation of the Hive World of Rhoch, where brutal close quarters combat with the Venom Warriors was unaviodable and lossess assured on both sides. Finally, the Ultramarines and the Equalizers 1st Company would take on the Black Hand on the Forge World of Icarus, where the fighting was by far the most bloody, on that day the Equalizers alone lost over thirty Marines and their Ultramarine brothers did not fair any better.

By the time the Hordes were forced from the various planets, the total of Space Marine casualties was at least one hundred. It is still not known what sparked the invasion or what the Feral Legions were after but extensive looting on all planets involved implies that this was merely a large scale raide, to collect slaves and recrouces. However, recent Imperial Intellegence states that it may have been a conserted effort by the Black Hand to steal a very valuble artifact from the Forge World, one whos importance the Mechanicus do not seem eager to divulge. 

Sacking of MinthrillEdit

Minthrill was a well guarded Shrine World that fell within three days against a force of the Fangs Feral Legion supported by the Calion Buchers Barbarian army. The local defenders were a whole minor Order Millitant of the Sisters of Battle and large force of Fraternis Millita. Regardless the Fangs were more than capable of tearing into the local forces with ease, the Fraternis Millita were wiped out in the span of two days and the last Battle Sister was impaled on a pike on the tenth day. Minthrill was of little true value but from the large numbers of battle sisters that were taken alive one can assume that the Fangs Gene-Lord planned to use these brave Battle Sisters in some twisted experement, Emperor preserve them.

The Calipsian Sub-Sector CrusaideEdit

The Hordes begain a violent campaign of expansion in opening years of the 40th millienium. This expansion was lead by the Gene-King himself and all major Feral Legions and Barbarian Armies took part in this bloody crusaide. However it was short lived as Imperial forces stepped in to try and stem the tide. Though the Imperiums meger forces had no hope of stopping the Hordes, when the Forces of Chaos interveined in the form of an all out assault, the Hordes found themselves in a costly war to repel the invaders.

The Hordes would eventually prove successful in driving off the invaders but the 2nd Calipsian Expansion was stopped dead in its tracks with little gain and the loss of over a quarter of the Calipsian Hordes military strength.



"If the day ever comes, I will welcome our Calipsian overlords. In the meantime, I'm-a keep plundering their outposts until they're willing to accept my ludicrous trade terms, like civilized people."
Douchard Bagge
"These latter-day Gesigners will serve the Twisted Tree, or they shall feed it."
Ashur-El Artashumara
"You think you can challenge me, savages?! I am both King and God, the very thing your so-called "Gene-King" pretends to be!"
—The God-King of The Empyran Pantheon


  • The Calipsian Hordes were inspired by the various warlords who contested the Emperor for control of Terra during the Unification Wars
  • The theme-song of the Calipsian Hordes is Black Blade by Two Steps from Hell