Average Height

6 Foot (Human Form); 8 Foot (Transformed)


Human Tongues

Hair Colors

White; Grey; Black

Skin Colors


Areas Found In


Werewolves, also known as Lycanthropes, are humans which possess the ability to undergo a metamorphic change into the form of a wolf.

Types of WerewolfEdit

Cursed WerewolfEdit

The majority of these magical creatures are afflicted by the Curse of the Werewolf, which has been bestowed upon as a result of enchantments. Such enchantements can range from being cursed by a powerful sage to being bitten by a werewolf, and surviving the injury. The Curse of the Werewolf forces the afflicted to transform into a monstrous wolf upon the full moon. The mysterious Nidaros is one of the more notable ones amongst their number.

Pact WerewolfEdit

There are of course a select few individuals who have forged dark pacts in order to be able to transform at will. The most notable Werewolf of this kind is the maniacal pyromancer Mikaelus Lycflamus, who has refined his metamorphisis into a crimson wolf, from which scarlet flames now replace it's fur. However, this transformation is evem more drastic than that of the unfortunate bearers of the Curse of the Werewolf, as the human form of the werewolf is literally ripped clean from it's body as the humanity is stripped away. Most disturbingly though, is the ability of these werewolves to retain their human psyche, even if it is at the cost of their sanity. Interestingly, these kind of werewolves are still forced to transform at the full moon, which indicates some kind of connection to the Curse of the Werewolf.